Advice on buying for Sport Bike

I'm in the market to buy my first ever street bike. I have had many dirt bikes over the yrs but I now want a sport bike to cruise around town on to do minor errands, ride back and forth to the gym, etc. It will be fun and help me save a few dollars in gas money over driving around my Silevrado Truck. I'm going to pay cash for the bike so I'm looking for a bike les than 5000. I would ideally like to be in the 3700-4200 range but I do want to get a deacent bike.

Knowing that this is my first street bike what advice would you give me on buying a used bike. I have been looking at used CBR 600's and used Katana 600 and 750's. I have noticed that with the Katana I could get a little newer model yr with less miles than the CBR. I read somewhere online the Katana was a good beginners bike with a comfortable riding position. ANy other bikes I should be looking at? Thanks.

Best thing to remember, dirt isn't street. More traction, worse results when you lose it. And BTW, putting your foot down with a 400lb bike=ouch! I went from dirt to a 600rr. It was probably too much bike and a bad financial decision.

You might look at the SV650. Enough power, good ergos and you could buy an almost new one in your price range.

For guys with dirt experience you might also look at a supermoto. Real easy transition since they are a lot like your dirtbikes.

Take the MSF course, 10% off your insurance and no test for the M endorsement on yor license.

Buy gear and wear it. Pavement is unforgiving. A real helmet and leathers.

Thanks Big Slacker. What do you think about the 650 R Ninja as a first bike?

The SV and the 650r are direct competitors. Both are comparable and will do fairly well for someone that has dirt experience.

matty, if these are the two you are down to, it will probably come down to looks for you. price is about the same, new and used. big slacker hit it on the head, direct competitors. there isnt enough difference in them to say which is better. going from dirt to street like you, the ninja was perfect. oh and i only chose it over the suzuki due to the looks.

Keep in mind the 2008 SVS is fully faired and looks much better now. I think this was a direct response to the 650r taking market share. You could always buy these as an option but now they are standard on the non-naked.

cool, didnt know that. not a bad looking bike, but i'd still have to go with the 650R. good luck matty, if it's down to these two it might be hard

Between those two its kind of personal preference anyway since they are so similar.

As a side note I rode the SV to work today, met a guy that also had an '06. He asked how many miles and I said around 9200. He said he had 23k on his! Nice!

I would take a pretty serious look at a Hyosung GT-250. They're under $4k new and are pretty fast and look great. Even the new baby Ninja 250 is a pretty sweet bike.

650R + newby street rider = dead young man

the dirt is a whole different animal from the street and a 650 sport bike whoever makes it is a lot of freaking bike, imo way too much for a first street bike. do yourself family and loved ones a favor and start with a smaller bike. your first bike is not a keeper anyway

Atecexa, the 650r and sv650 are both v-twins with linear powerbands and around 70hp.

They are not 600cc I4, 115hp, high RPM street legal racebikes.

Although more conservative folks would steer him towards a ninja250, hyosung 250, ninja 500, etc... Its my opinion and a lot of other level headed rider's that the 650 twins make fine starter bikes that you won't grow out of too quickly.