Advice on headgear

First time buyer of headgear, was looking for advice. Looking for best combo of protection and comfort. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks.


The hard plastic ones hurt you opponent. The softer ones are better for your training partners.

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Try they only make headgear. It is all high quality and was used on TUF show. They are recommended by Ringside.

I've been around a lot of fighters and haven't seen a lot of headgear.

You can live without it. The only benefit I see is less bruises and cuts on your face, but that isn't even the case half the time.

Gomi uses headgear.

Top Ten - they also make good boxing gloves

I have a soft-fabric/shell Asics halo-style wrestling/grappling headgear that has been pretty good. It is well made and reasonably comfortable.

I have not worn others so I can't provide a valid comparison.

sorry - double post

top ten makes great headgear like a poster already noted. also, reyes mexican style head gear is great. dont spar without headgear. you dont want a cut on the eye and this is one of the many things it will protect against.


For hard sparring I would ditch it though. I don't know about you guys, but I'd rather walk out of the ring with a cut on my eye than 2 million less brain cells, or an increased risk for Parkinsons.