Advice on job interview?

I come to you for guidance OG,

Got an interview coming up pretty soon for a marketing and SEO job

Wondering if you have any simple tips as its my first interview

Even just general stuff is appreciated

Thanks! Phone Post 3.0

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Have pre-prepared answers for standard questions. You should be able to revise them by looking online. Usually things to test how you act under pressure or a things like 'name a time you've gone above and beyond the call of duty'.
Your answers don't have to be factual as long as they don't know it and they tick the boxes, as most interview questions have scoring criteria these days. Phone Post 3.0

walk in like you own the joint, like the job's already a lock... sit down, throw your feet up on the desk and hit 'em with your salary requirements.

A lot of interview questions are traps; like "tell me about your experience". It's on the resume and if you just recite it you're doomed. When they ask you "your biggest weakness", another trap, if you answer honestly you're screwed, too haha.

I've a friend who does big corporate sales trainings and the like to CEOs, hiring managers, recruiters and so on and he always says that passion is the number one thing they look for.

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Prepare yourself to be able to answer the following question with ease.

"Why did you leave your last job?"

High energy. Excitement about the position. Ask a lot of questions that are meaningful related to the position. Research the company and what they're goals are, who their customers are, etc. Phone Post 3.0

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Since it's your first know its ok to be nervous and you might ramble a bit. That's not a big a big deal but recognize when you are doing it and try and cut it off.

MOST IMPORTANT - appear eager and excited to be there. Be upbeat but not a maniac. Most decisions are based on whether or not they would want to work with you everyday, not necessarily how impressively you can answer interview questions.

Try to make it a conversation as quickly as possible. Sometimes the interviewer is just an asshole and won't let that happen. If that's the case just stay on your game and answer questions succinctly.

Don't make them pull information out of you - that makes for a boring experience and they will it as boring.

Don't be overly sales-y about yourself or try and "wow" them with shit you read about them on the Internet. You want to know about the company but throwing out shit you read in a press release or CEO interview you read comes across as cheesy and brown nosey. If they ask you what you know about the industry or their company don't act like a know it all but do make it clear you understand the basics. Phone Post 3.0

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I echo this. Also, don't bullshit. Don't make things out to be something that it's not. If you don't have experience in something, just say you don't. Nothing turns me off more than someone who is bullshitting me. Phone Post 3.0

Be ready to ask the potential employer questions, too. Ask them what their company goal or vision is, and where they stand compared to their goal right now. How is it measured, and how would someone in the position you're applying for be able to contribute. Do a little research about the company, so you can ask specific questions about any big changes or improvements that they've made. Basically, when they ask if you have any questions for THEM, don't be the dummy who says "nope". It's usually your last chance to make an impression before you leave, and the interviewer(s) have a chance to think about you or talk about you. Phone Post 3.0