Advice on smokers needed

The only thing that annoyed me about my WSM was charcoal rolling that thick black smoke for the first 30-45 minutes. Once I started using lump I didn’t have that problem anymore. It really is set it and forget it for most cooks. One way to get a little closer to stick burner flavor is getting better quality wood that hasn’t been kiln dried and preheating your wood. I like to keep the chunks warm by putting them on the empty spaces on the grate.

i’ll be honest, i havent been to a competiton in probably 10 years (used to have a buddy that competed kcbs). last time i was, people were talking trash about pellet grills. they seemed ot be looked down on.

that said, pellets definitely don’t have the level of smoke that sticks or drums give. that can be good or bad i guess.

I always use a chimney starter and then let all the charcoal get going for a while before I put the meat on so I have not noticed 30 min of black smoke but I’ve noticed some. Lump gets a lot hotter and does not hold heat for as long in the WSM as standard charcoal, only drawback. I’ve wondered how using oak split logs and burning it into my own coals just like with a stick burner would go in the WSM but have never tried.

Thats why I want to get an offset, so I can just buy a cord and use that.

Seeing all NiteProwlers wood and that offset all the time on this board just makes me want to give the offset and wood a try.

You are absolutely right about the level of smokiness that pellet grills not being on the same level as stick burners and drums. When I cook on pellet grills I always use my A-Maze-N smoker inside the cook chamber to add more smoke flavor.

Just got her home boys. Looks like beverages, assembly and seasoning this afternoon.

Thanks for the input.

Damn it also has a griddle!!
Please tell us how it goes

Congratulations, they put out fantastic food.

The griddle was what made me buy. While researching the 560 model I saw that the 800 comes with a griddle. SOLD!!.

Preseasoning the smoker now. Not sure if I’ll smoke something or preseason the griddle next.

Super Excited. I’m a novice when it comes to smoking and ready to step up my game. I’ll keep everyone posted after I do some cooks.

I’ve done a few cooks on the masterbuilt. I have to say. I am impressed. Would highly recommend the 800 with the griddle. 560 and 1050 do not come with the griddle.

Holds temp very well. Told the Wife anything she does in the oven we could do in the masterbuilt.

Fast/hot smoked some salmon. dry rub with a little brown sugar. finished with butter. It had a little crust on it. Oh boy!!

The griddle is a game changer. Smashburgers, phillies. The crust you get on the meat is outstanding. Looking forward to some teriyaki chicken and fried rice.

I haven’t done anything low and slow yet. I need to get on that.