Advice on training no gi

Got to train with new jits brothers her in Tallahasse, Fl. Great to get back on the mats, one thing I need some advice on from all of you.

The school is mostly a no gi school. Too freaking hot to go gi in FLA with no a/c.

Suggestions on how to best change my game from GI to No GI?

Example, I'm was training with one buddy, doing an omo plata drill, and I instinctively reached for a belt to pull up on when turning into the arm.

Thanks in advance.

Lots of anti-bacterial soap and regular check ups at the clinic.

If you get in a bad position just go spastic and slide you way out.

I think that covers everything.

p.s. Hi Anthony! :-)

Thanks Luca! I can always count on you for comic relief. :)


Have you seen Royler's book? He has a section just on grips for no-gi jiu-jitsu.

  1. Underhooks

  2. Overhooks

  3. Basic Head control

  4. Head control by reaching behind your opponent's neck and cupping his far armpit.

  5. Wrist control

  6. Two-on-One

  7. Arm-drags

  8. Guillotine

  9. Cross-overhook (kimura grip)

These are some good ways to grip your opponent for control and setups when you don't have the gi.



Without the Gi things get slippery, I'm sure you know that. You will have to tighten up your game and find different handles. Also, I may get flammed for this but oh well, but the unber of techniques decreases. There are just so many ways you can choke someone without having a lapel to wrap around their throat. In some ways it is easier, in some ways it is harder.


Stephen Carnes

I don't know why you'd get flamed for that, Stephen, that was a good post. The number of techs definitely you have to be that much better at setting your opponent up. Also, because of the sweat issue, I am really trying to focus on a few core submissions:

  1. Fig.4 toe hold

  2. Rear Naked Choke

  3. Side choke (arm triangle)

  4. Triangle choke

  5. Guillotine (arm in)

Chokes are sometimes aided by the sweat, as your arm or leg can slide in deeper even faster. Armlocks are still good, but are much easier for the guy to power out of.


Good posts JRockwell. Throw in the brabo choke, fist choke and the crocodile choke too. For me the most change in my game from gi to no gi is the guard. I like to use a couple of basic butterfly guard sweeps and a couple of half guard sweeps instead of closed guard. I like having top position w/ no gi and guard w/ gi.

I agree that it is the guard game that changes the most, especially if your guard was heavily based on gi grips to start with.  For example the classic sleeve and lapel grip doesn't translate to no gi very well.  Spider guard is another difficult one to make work without the gi (unless you have a killer grip).

One thing that works very well to maintain the open guard in a no gi world is to concentrate on pushing the head with your hand to the left, right, up and down.  Use a straight arm, push the head, sit up and scoot your hips.  Push push push until you want to try a sweep or submission, and only then try pulling him into said sweep or submission.

On that OmaPalata: Grab the near ankle and stretch it back as you scoot away from him with his arm trapped until he is flat on the mat.

Add a folding arm choke.

Stephen, nice concept from the open guard...I'm going to have to play with that.

321FC, I did indeed forget the Brabo! I was only introduced to that one recently, but I really like it. What's a crocodile choke? Is that the same as the Anaconda aka Minotauro's choke?