advice: stop guard pass

are there any dvds that cover guard pass counters? most of them cover a million different moves and sweeps, but havent seen one focused on how and what to do to make your guard un-passable

Joe Moreira is suppose to have one coming out. Adam is producing it. I forgot the poster's last name. You can check out The Guard book by Joe and Beneville. It has alot of techniques on defending the guard or reguarding.

The guys who are good have learned that sort of stuff.
Yeah, for whatever the reason, BJJ DVD consumers don't seem interested in that. I certainly am. I learned some really nice moves from my instructor and it really gives you that paradigm shift on how to reguard or even attack when someone tries to pass your guard.

Carlos machado covers the several quite well.

Cant really think of anymore.

Most are sweep/sub dvds.