Aesopian's New and Improved 2011 BJJ Gi Survey!

BJJ Gi Survey

It's time for the 2011 BJJ Gi Survey! (Direct link: This is the latest in the series that has generated the popular BJJ gi ranking charts. Take 5-10 minutes to do it, and your answers will help map out the modern BJJ gi market.

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What's New and Improved in 2011's BJJ Gi Survey

  • "To-the-point" questions and a customized survey interface.
  • Over 100 brands from Adidas to Zombie (and you can write in any that got missed.)
  • Women's brands and sizes included after being omitted last year.
  • Same goes for UK brands like Black Eagle and Faixa Rua.
  • More sizes, colors and weaves to choose from (plus you can add your own.)
  • "Generic" brand and judogi sizes are officially listed.

The goal is to get 1500+ responses before crunching the numbers and releasing the results publicly. The more answers we can get, the more accurate the results will be and the sooner the results will be released.

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