AEW 5/20 edition

Really good show.

- Mox beat 10 pretty easily and then broke his arm with a chair when Brodie Lee wouldn’t come back out

- MJF beat Marko Stunt but it was entertaining. Stunt had some decent offense based on speed and flippy shit

- Arn and Jake had a decent in-ring face off. Cut good promos before it got mildly physical and refs busted it up

- Fenix beat Orange with help from Kip Sabian. After, all the guys from the ladder match this weekend were fighting outside the ring. Fenix went for a tope con giro and NOBODY CAUGHT HIM! He splatted hard and appeared to need legit medical help to leave. 

- Rose/Baker beat Shida/Starlander. Didn’t catch all this but Shida superplexed Rose through a table after. Baker suffered what could be a legit knee injury. She just suddenly was sitting in a corner outside with trainers looking at her knee. Wasn’t involved in the match anymore and had to be helped out but not up the ramp. Might have been to make Nyla more beastly by winning though.

- Hardy beat Sammy clean but a helluva match. Sammy continues to impress.

- After the match they cut to the main stadium. Omega was held against a goal post while the Inner Circle beat him. Eventually the Young Bucks came from the stands and Hangman returned running the length of the field. Hardy and Sammy came in as well for the big melee. Good setup for the PPV. The ring will be set up on the 50 yard line with falls counting anywhere in the stadium.


Sammy is gonna hurt himself taking these bumps.

imanley - Sammy is gonna hurt himself taking these bumps.

Jeff Hardy could’ve used a guy like you

Supposedly Fenix is ok but damn that was an awful fuck up. 

Matt Jackson has a rib injury from last night and Britt’s knee injury is legit. Both being evaluated today.

Strange dive by Fenix. Who knew he was gonna go straight down from the highest point before it was too late? No one landed well in that series of dives, seemingly due to happenstance more than anything.

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imanley - Sammy is gonna hurt himself taking these bumps.

Many guys seem to have mastered that straight on top of the head bump while putting their weight on their elbow or hand, but it's done so much it loses the significance it should convey. I won't pretend to know what the risk profiles are on various DDT bumps and so on, but I'd guess it's the sort of bump I'm talking about is than the traditional ways of taking a DDT. And Sammy in particular is a real bumping risk-taker, with the aforementioned (even doing it on the Twist of Fate) and otherwise. That said, he's probably my favorite wrestler under 30 these days, super exciting, charismatic, and good on the Mic.

Yeah, the Britt one you could tell instantly

COWBOY SHIT!!!! That fucking sprint was epic


good show. the end scrap got me excited for the ppv. i’m still a little unsure why the title match is the main (if it is?) but aew has never done me wrong so i’m excited. stadium stampede will be great. not the DoN2 we wanted but will still be good.