AEW questions

Do guys like Daniel Bryan Danielson get any type of guarantee of being world champions as a condition of them signing? If so wild kinda suck if Hangman were just a transitional champ.

How is the whole beef with CM Punk and Colt Boom Boom Cabana? Did they squash it?

And finally - not a question but I am still concerned that they overpack their roster with WWE and ROH talent that has been future endeavored - thus forcing them to future endeavor many of the guys that it was built on.

And second finally - if that chick that used to be a dude was truly brave, she would compete in the mens division. Chyna did.

Khan has said they want to have their champions have relatively long title reigns but who knows. I think getting ROH talent and WWE talent is not a bad idea especially if it’s WWE talent which would be even better. Look at how over Malakai Black is or Miro. In terms of pro wrestling, WWE wrestlers come off as more polished (IMO)

Wwe wrestlers definitely look more polished presentation wise.