AFC 16 card looking great!!!!!!!

LINEUP TO DATE (Subject To Change):

3 RDS / 155lbs: Hermes Franca (Team Armory, Jupiter,Fl) v. Nick Agallar(Strasser's Freestyle Academy, Kenosha,Wi) *LWT Title defense

3 RDS / 83kg: Dustin "Clean" Denes (ATT, Ft Lauderdale, FL) v. Shikou Yamashita(Paraestra, Tokyo, Japan) *LHWT SHOOTO World Title*

3 RDS /265lbs+ Mario "Big Hurt" Rianldi(Din Thomas ATT, PSL,Fl) v. Kerry "Meat Truck" Schall (Meat Truck Inc., Cincinnati, Oh) *HWT AFC Title,Vacant* 

3RDS / 155lbs: Yves Edwards (Thug Jitsu,Woodlands,TX) v. Raphael Assuncao (Team Velocity, Atlanta,GA)

3RDS / 190lbs: Crafton "Blaze" Wallace (Inferno Muay Thai, Naples,FL) v. Javier Gil (Freelance, Miami,FL)

2RDS / 170lbs: Mikey Gomes (Simas Jiu Jitsu, Orlando,FL) v. Tim "M.O.A.B" Stout (Team Oxendine, Menphis, Tn)

2RDS / 205lbs:  Ben "The Hebrew Hammer" Stark(ATT, Ft Lauderdale, Fl) v.  Duane "Lion" Hart(Freelance, Tampa,Fl)

2RDS / 135lbs: Haender "Cubita" Rodriguez (FFA, Miami, FL) v. Taro Ito (Team Trauma, Ocala, FL)

2RDS / 205lbs: Eric Swiger (Villardo Jiu Jitsu, Boca Raton, Fl) v. Diego Vitoski (Freelance, Cordoba,Argentina)

2RDS / 155lbs: Edson Berto (Tigers World, Winter Haven,Fl) v. Sung "Matt" Lee (Team Elite, New England, ME)

2RDS / 170lbs: Jake Hetch (ATT/ Wade Rome, Columbia,MO) v. Manuel "Manu" Garcia (Total Grappling, Madrid, Spain)

2RDS / Tyron Woodley (ATT/ Wade Rome, Columbia, MO) v. Justen Estep (Freelance, Tampa, Fl)

More fights to come and we will also have 4 pro boxing bouts, so stay tuned!!!


I'd love to get some of the westcoast guys on one of these card~

I have a guy who would LOVE a chance to fight the winner of Hermes/Agallar.

Awesome. That's a great card.

Did you get my fax, Carlao?

Assuncao is a little small at 155, but then again so is Mark Hominick, eh?

Raphael stands a good chance of winning that fight IMO.

gonna be great!

damn...sweet card

135lbs woo hoo

wow! thats a huge step in competition for raphael. He just beat Lauzon, but Lauzon looked good in the first round.

Wish him the best. He deserves all the credit in the world if he gets by Yves.

Amazing card.

Maybe we can get some DVT guys on a future event.

holy moly....great card...

Carlao fly me out there!


very nice. i approve.

TTT for Rapheal! No disrespect to Mr. Edwards.
Chris, would you like to go double or nothing?


Nice to see Matt Lee fighting again


my only complaint with AFC is they don't put much focus on their titles. Nice to see some title fights on this card.

hey tim.

I put your check in the mail today. You should be getting it within a few days.


I'll think about that bet though.

Awsome. If you want to take the bet let me know. Rapheal does have skill.


Hermes vs. Agallar will be good.

Great card.
Great promotion.
Great people to work with.
Should be "off the chain."

I'll see you all there.