AFC 8 Photos - Brandao VS Avellan

Pedro Brandao VS Marcos Avellan

Great Pics and I knew that Plata was closer than most would give credit for.

Thanks for the pics Johnny! Do you mind if I use a couple on my website?

Kai, if I get caught in something, I'll admit it. The platas were not even close. The closest sub attempt was the triangle/armbar that occurred near the blue corner - but to be honest that one wasn't really that dangerous, but it was the closest.

The omoplata is one of the hardest subs to finish. Threading the arm with your leg is only the first step, to put any danger you have to be at least sitting up around his side, not flat on your back. Then even when sitting up at his side, its still a tough sub to finish.

I give him credit for attacking and going for a lot of subs, it was exciting. I think the two of us match up pretty well, all three of our matches have been good ones.


Marcos: Very nice response, yeah... After I posted it, I noticed the fact the way your arm is turned is taking away the pressure means you weren't in danger, it just looks really painful. Especially with the way your arm is cutting into the leg, it makes it look really bad! You just turned the elbow out of danger, but at first glance, it looks like your arm is really ranked on!My bad! I hope to see you guys rematch or see the DVD of this event!

Sure you can use them on your website. Anyone can use any or all of the photos that they want. A line saying photos by Johnny Walls would be cool.

I liked watching how calm you were at any submission attempt he tried. You could tell that you know all the angles of submissions and you turned or maneuvered great to make sure that you didn't get caught in any of them. He was doing a nice job at attempting the submissions as well.

Good fight! I enjoyed it.

Actually Marcos landed hard shots standing and on the ground. Pedro went for more subs. In the rules meetings the officials said that subs would not count towards the decision so marcos decided to work for position and strikes more than subs.

A draw was the right call IMO but deffinately more people were calling for marcos to win than otherwise.

great fight, and great right hand by Marcos.

ChokeemOut- Not quite the case. Pedro pushed the submissions, but Marcos was very effective with strikes. The match was balanced, if you can call it that.

At times one fighter would dominate the other, and then the tides would change.

I thought it was a draw as well.

and carlao is the biggest ffa hater of all time so you know it must be true :)

Tubarao is absolutely correct... ROCK PAPER SCISSORS BABY!!! best 3 out of 5. AFC Make it happen!


3t from the FFA Hater!!!!

Damn, Marcos how did you get that ripped??????

TTT for a great fight and a possible rematch!!!

it's was a great and close fight.but imo marcos edged it out!

carlao :)

ttt for the FFA. awesome fight.

Kai, no problem :)

Thanks a lot guys for the support. I think that I won the fight but it was close so I understand and respect the decision. Like I said earlier, the two of us match up well. We both have an aggressive style.

nova1, I trained very hard for the fight. It was probably the best prepared I have ever been for a competition.

Now I'm just eating donuts and drinking milkshakes :) I'm already back up to my normal body weight of 170.

"In the rules meetings the officials said that subs would not count towards the decision so"Now, if Submission attempts didn't mean anything in the eyes of the Judges, then Fuck... I can't see how Marcos didn't win.Shit, no one told me that.