AFC Fight card

Main Event

1-LHW Chris Peak (Victoria,BC) -vs- Brandon McDowell (Austin,TX)

2-WW Sean Huffman (MFS) -vs- Jesse Bongfeldt (Lethbridge,AB)

3-LHW Chad Cox (Alliance/Vernon) -vs- Danny Valimaki (Arashi-Do/Edmonton)

4-MW J.C. Cousin (Alliance/Vernon) -vs- Mike Neufeld (letbridge,AB)

5-WW Dylan Ferguson (Red Deer,AB) -vs- Joel Gunther (WEF/Vancouver,BC)

6-LW Justin Lajeuness 1-1-0 (Alliance/Vernon) -vs- Rob Miller (Kyle Cardinal/Edmonton)

Due to weather in certain parts of the province we have lost a few fights. We apologize and we wish the best to those who can not make it.

We are accepting replacement fighters for LW 145lbs 0-0-0, 145lbs 0-0-0, 185lbs 4-4-0 and HW 250 4-0-0

send info to ASAP

for tickets email or call 1-250-275-6287

Thank you

Jason St-Louis

card looks good!

when is the show

Saturday June 16th in Vernon,BC.

General admisssion: $25 in advance/$27 at the door

Ringside Row: 1,2,3,4 $40.00 also includes access to the Skybox for the UFC 72 after fight party (fully licensed lounge)

VIP Skybox:Fully licensed lounge, billiards and games room, closed cuirut TV, big screen and UFC 72 after fight party

Shit this would be awesome to go to that is an unreal card!!!!!!!

Sorry cant make it down guys hope everything goes awesome!!!

Well I found a replacement but could use another...LHW to fight vs a 2-0-0 fighter

thanks again

I heard Bongfeldt was retiring.

I don't know a 100% but isn't he moving back to Kenora Ontario? Having a baby and all that fun stuff?

I would take the fight at LHW but cutting the 55 lbs in 3 days is potentially deadly, so I am gonna have to pass it up.

I think we could make it work at the HW division, the fighter is around 205, he may take the fight if you could make 240lbs. You medicals are good here so we could work it out.

email me or call 250-275-6287

I'll give you a call in about 10 mins or so.

Looking for a HW...anyone.:)

So Chad is fighting for alliance now. Didnt he come out and called out Marcus,cuz he beat down his pgcc teammate???

Ya looks great J this show will be fun to ref see you there.

Yeah Chad,called me out after my KOTC fight after I diosmantled his teamate.He also told me back stage when I offered him a date to fight me,and said I'd love to fight him,he told me his team and Les pushed him in there.Thats funny.I have some bigger things on my plate right now,but when I'm done with Victor and whos after victor.Maybe I can spare 45secs-a minute to beat Chad Cox.

I was originally offered to fight Peak,my boy Kyle(alliance) said that was the fight,I started jerking off to thought of getting my hands on Peak as I fought him at 205 as an amateur and he missed weight by 12 lbs had 12 pro fights and now talks shit about beating me.I jumped at it Peak won't last 2 minutes with ,then nothing,then I got offered Dominic Richard whos fighting on a card a week later that my guys are on in vancouver in the main event.and then I got the Victor V fight signed,but i love Vernon and hope to fight out there again.Good luck in your fight at AFC chad and in Halifax.

J, that's a nice looking card man, I hope everything goes well, and I wish I could be there to see it.

Thanks Guy's, still working at it and looking forward to some late nights. There are so many fightcards going on right now it's crazy. Good that it will keep the fighters busy, promoters on their toes and fight fans entertained.

Good luck to all the fighters and promoters in the coming weeks.

great job Jay! My dad will be checkin it out

Chemo's rooting for ya Chad!

goodluck Jason. Wish I could be there.

ha, I thought that this was a card update for "Alaska Fighting Championship" that airs on The Fight Network.

Good luck guys, sounds like a lot of opportunitites for you right now Marcus!!!