AFC LIVE on Sat!!

wtf is that grim?

very cool

Is anything being transmitted at the moment? I just get a message telling me I cant connect to the server :(

redneck: the show isnt for another 19 hours :)

Thanks Charles :) I just hoped he might have been doing some testing.

I donno but i know you'll be there and calling me at 2am :).

ttt for the Polish Connection


If you catch this, please ask J.L. to call Eric at Progressive Arts. Obviously he's not checking his VM.


I'm not seeing the event advertised on


"I'm not seeing the event advertised on "

it was a last minute thing for the UG only ... and word of mouth


is the event at 7:30 eastern time?

Yeah, I finally updated the site. I try to wait until the last minute so no one wimps out and doesn't go to the show because they can watch it on the internet. Sometimes it's for the UG only. You guys are special LOL

LabelGuy: I will pass on the message.

thanks Johnny Im gettin a good picture right now

I'll be watching!

Its starting for anybody that wants to know.