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i'm watching.

1st Fight: Brian Medlin d. Scott Johnson via Verbal Submission (announced as TKO but i could hear Johnson say no more) at 3:27 of the first round.

Another thing, sherdog fightfinder will be putting in results as they happen.

whoever chose the music needs to be fired

2nd Fight:

Round 1
Buck Bisbey vs Pablo Guerrero

Guerrero lands an illegal knee. Penalized a point for it. Guerrero landing nick leg kicks. HUGE knockdown by Guerrero. Guerrero with the guillotine submission victory in about 3 minutes!!!

2nd fight was a good one
Brazillian dropped the other guy with a right, then subbed him with a guillotine.

Music is weirdest I have ever heard at an MMA event

lol, we got 3 people doing the PBP.

fight 3 starting in a sec, Chad Gauldin (Coming out to a two person Gracie Train. lol) against James Berto

Wow, great feed... Massive head kick.

round 1 begins. feeling out process. Berto with a nice high kick. now throwing knees in the clinch. Gauldin falls to guard, trying a heel hook. not much happening with Berto above Gauldin. Stand up. both throwing punches that are't landing. another high kick by Berto, those are landing for him. Knees and punches from berto in the clinch. Gauldin okay. berto controlling the stand up. TKO

Berto gets the ref to stop the fight about 2 1/2 minutes into the first round.

Wow, work on your shot...

more crappy music......

Match 4 coming up.

Crafton Wallace vs Ben Saunders

Crafton coming out with a pirate falg

Music is gettin' better

Round 1 Begins

(Very hot ring card girl) Crafton with the takedown. In Saunders guard. not much happening, Saunders holding Wallace close. occasional weak punches by Wallace. their back on their feet now. saunders shoots but Wallace sprawls nicely. back standing. Saunders lands a BIG right cross. Floors Wallace. Saunders now going for the RN Choke. Working it. Wallace defending. Saunders gets the hooks. now figure 4's his legs. Wallace defending nicely. 1 minute left in the round. Been working on this RN Choke for well over a minute now. 30 seconds left. Saunders still trying for the choke. Round ends.

10-9 for Saunders in my opinion.

Bwhahaha, a akward punch stuns Crofton, then a huge punch drops him.

Crofton avoids the rear Naked choke for the rest of the match, Ben having some problems finishing despite having it locked in.


Hell of a fight!

Round 2:

Both guys trading as the round opens. Both guys landing a couple. Saunders on his back now with Wallace over him. 1 minute gone. Saunders is folded up like an accordian with Wallace on top. Wallace landing some strikes. Wallace now in Saunders open guard. halfway through the round. not too much action. Wallace lands some big shots. complete turn around for the first round. Fighters are back on their feet. both trading. 1 minute left in the round. Wallace is pummeling Saunders on the feet. Round ends wih Wallace trying for a guillotine to no avail.

I score this round 10-9 Wallace. My scorecard I have it a 19-19 draw. Judges decision to come...

Wallace, while looking the better striker, seems to have a problem with keeping his chin down and gets rocked by some awkward punches.

Saunders ties up to avoid taking more shots, works a clinch and again somehow falls down in the half guard. Wallace works his way out, dropping shots, then stands out.

Saunders looking tired, taking leg kicks ala Sakuraba x Royler.

They stand back up then trade strikes, looping rights and lefts by Saunders compared to crisp punches and a high kick by Wallace.

They go back down to the ground, Wallace working the front choke, while Saunders has his choice of positions.

Round 2 ends.