AFC Photos - Wallace VS Saunders


awesome fight. both fighters have awesome amounts of heart!

Good job Ben in you great MMA debut against a very tuff athlete.Three day notice??? youi did more than good for the amount of time. We are very proud of you and keep up the good work.

fight of the night!!

Thank you all very much for the compliments, Crafton Wallace is a tough fighter, a very hard hitter, and showed a lot of heart. I give him all the respect in the world. I definitely see him making it big in this business. I wish I had performed better, but I garantee next time I will be prepared, and put on a great performance. For all the Fighters and Promoters out there, keep your eyes open cause all the Fighter's coming out of the Gracie Barra Vale Tudo Team are well rounded, tough, and contain more heart than any place I ever trained at. We're the next evolution in this fight game, and will be more than a force to mess with.

Team Members

Me, Vinny Samero, Todd Broadway, Marcio Simas, Seth "The Silverback" Petruzelli, Mike "Houdini" Gomez, Mike Lee, Eric Simmons, Albert "Mini-Me", Paul Rodriguez, Matt "Sakatosa" Graham, Anthony Tolone, Mitch McElroy

-Ben "BerSerK" Saunders

ttt for a new team ready to be unleashed by it's trainer. (shhhh,quiet!!! they are still training don't tell anybody)