AFC results and gives thanks to...

3 RDS / 205 LBS: Jason Guida (Gilbert Grappling, Chicago, IL) vs. Anthony Rea (Elite Center, Toulouse,France ) Jason Guida by dec.                                             

3 RDS / 145 LBS: Mike Brown (ATT, Fort Lauderdale, FL) vs. Dustin Neace (Team Damage, Indianapolis, IN ) Mike Brown by guillotine

3 RDS / 170 LBS: Jesse "FLEX" Chilton (Team Damage, Indianapolis, IN) vs. Kurt "Batman" Pellegrino (Armory, Jupiter,FL) Kurt Pellegrino by guillotine

2 RDS / 170 LBS: Luis "Baboon" Palomino (Pereira Jiu Jitsu, Miami, FL) vs. Mike Soltes (Freelance, Tampa, Fl) Luis Palomino by TKO 

2 RDS / 145 LBS:  Mike"The Love Machine" Bruno (ATT, Ft Lauderdale, FL) vs. Matt Weaver (Daytona MMA/Team Crunkilton, Daytona, Fl) Mike Bruno TKO

2 RDS / 170 LBS: Igor Almeida (Freelance, WPB, Fl) vs. Lee Yokota (Freelance, PGA, FL) Igor Almeida byTKO

2 RDS / 135 LBS: Heander "Cubita" Rodriguez (FFA, Miami,FL) vs.  Shane Weinischke(Tallahassee FC, Tallahassee, FL) "Cubita" by dec.

2 RDS / 145 LBS:  John Trent (Team Knuckle Up, Atlanta, GA) vs. Eben "The Big O" Oroz (JKD Extreme, WPB,FL). Eben Oroz by dec.

2 RDS / 170 LBS: Vitor Pimenta (BTT, Rio do Janeiro, Brasil) vs.  Vadim Kultichinshky (Freelance, Kiev, Ukraine) Vitor Pimenta by armbar

2 RDS / 145 LBS: Roli Delgado (West Little Rock Kickboxing and BJJ , AR) vs.  David Love (Animal House, Indianapolis, IN) DRAW

2 RDS / 190 LBS:  Sam "Big Chocolate" McCoy (ATT, Boca Raton, Fl) vs. Chauncy Minor (Team Trauma, Ocala, Fl) Sam McCoy Majority dec.


Well another show and we had a great turn out!!! 

We would like to extend our thanks to some of the people that made it all posible:

Chad Wagner, Ben Stark, Eddy Miranda, BOO, Aces High Tattoo, The Crew from All Stars Sports Bar andn Grill, Freestyle Fighting Academy, American Top Team, JKD Extreme, Team Hellhouse/Gilbert Grappling, Talahassee Fight Club, Knuckle Up Fitness, Jeff Gibson and Elite Promotions, Big Brother Fight Team, Team Bulldozer, Team Trauma, Joe Valdez, Crazy Tony, Paul Domenech, The Florida State Boxing Commision, and Florida Atlantic University.

Above all as always to the fighters all of you.  We know all the hard work you put into your training, all the sacrifices and hardships that this sport sometimes makes.  We thank you for making another great and exiting event.  We hope that you are treated like the athletes that you are.

We would like to thank another great feed with over 90K viewers!!!  The quality was great!

The crew from you guys are truly the best!

And to everyone else that I forgot to mention!

See you all on October 21st!!!!

Get seth for the Oct show! Was a good time, my fault for letting the
judges have a say in it.

Hey Carl?o,

It's not

Also do you know if they are going to archive the Pellegrino fight. I had to work and couldn't watch it. Does anyone have it also by any chance.

Amazing quality on the live streaming. Very impressed. Who were the guys that put that together?

Congratulations on the show.


The new cage is nice. And what about thanks to the We$t$ide Carlos?? Man the only love we get is David Love.

: )


What's the date of the October show?

awsoem show..
i like the new venue

what happenend to yamamoto?!?

awesome show go ATT , and congrats to Jason Guida

ttt 4 jason guida and team hellhouse



Congratulations on a good event.



Well just like many other event, we had our fair share of last minute replacements, and any matchmaker and promoter will tell you the nightmare that is to deal with.  Which I do not think that on paper where mismatch.  I have yet to see the broadcast, but I'll wait to see it to make my conclusions.

Out of 11 fight 5 dec., 1 draw, 2 TKO (which means that the ref stopped it), and 2 subs on legit badasses.  Where anyone that was there would tell you that the fights where pretty entertaining. So Jeoy maybe the announcers need to be more educated.  Teh only person in the announcers table that has any major history of MMA was Din Thomas.  But I appreciate your comments and will watch the event.

AGJ- Yamamoto was under suspension and never got the medicals that he needed to get clear.


Thanks to Team We$t$ide


We watched several fights on the net so kudos for broadcasting live and free... enjoyed it. It looked good and the announcers did a good job.

Except on my monitor for some reason it looked like Roli Delgado won his fight. Weird.

 SetAbominae- That is the problem when you leave it to the judges dec. I was not able to watch the whole fight, but what I was able to seem like a good fight. I did not know that they made cubans that tough

Thanks Scott!

Carlao is right. It was my fault for letting the judges have a say in it. Anyone who watched the fight knows who set the pace, got the takedowns ect. I will do much better next time.


Its Roli's fault, i was begging him to end hte fight but in the corner he just couldnt shut up about how muhc fun it was rubbing up on that hot sexy sweaty mandingo warrior. Man what can i do?

Oh I absolutely agree... never leave it to the judges and this is the perfect example of that.

Looked like a very well run show. I might have to fly down there and check it out in person if Dr. Kleinbeck gets on a card.

Roli Delgado,
2nd fight.