USA vs. Canada For World Title.

Ryan Ackerman 26, a graduate of Mukwonago High School and a graduate of Waukesha County Technical College is set to compete for the prestigous Absolute
Fighting Championship's World Title in Racine Wisconsin on March 6th 2004.

The event will be held at Racine Memorial Hall located at 72 - 7th street Racine,Wisconsin. The home town promotion, Freestyle Combat Challenge will have 10 exciting matches featuring athletes from all over the united States to kick things off. The final match of the evening will be goverened by the Absolute Fighting Championship. Fans have been waiting for the World Title bout between Ryan "The Threat" Ackerman representing the United States of America and Ryan "The Lion" Diaz representing Canada for some time now. On March 6th the waiting will be over.

Ackerman trains under Matt Starke at Starke's Grappling Works. He is ranked # 1 in North and South America and is ranked # 9 in the world. Diaz also has international ranking and is an incredible athlete in his own right. The FCC/AFC Mixed Martial Arts competition is loaded with fast paced action. The athletes are pure and exciting. This Challenge will be one of Ackerman's biggest and most important of his career. "I have competed in Japan, Hawaii and all over the United States but nothing beats competing in front of the home town crowd," states Ackerman. "Expect nothing but total Excitement when I get into the ring, I have worked very hard at this and now I am getting my shot."

In November Ackerman recently won the Ironheartcrown 135 lb. Title. "Winning the Ironheartcrown was great, but I really need to win this to reach my goal of being # 1 in the world." Ackerman has his hands full with Diaz that's for sure.

We would like to thank Sprawl Clothing Company, Miller Brewing Company and our friends and families for their support. For a night of action and excitement the FCC/AFC has it. Tickets are available at the Door or by calling (414) 331-8820.

Good luck to Ryan . Win or lose (more so wins) he always brings it . Strasser's shows are worth the travel and with Ryan on the card it's a added bonus to say the least .

For those fans that like contact it's a show to see . Soccer kicks , knees to the head of a down opponet and kicking with shoes are all ALLOWED .


ttt for ryan