AFC2 Results (June 16, 2007)

Alliance Fighting Championships 2 – Re-Genesis
June 16, 2007 Vernon BC

Rob Miller defeated Justin Lajeuness via Guillotine Choke at 0:33 of the 1st Round

Dylan Ferguson defeated Joe Krantz via Keylock at 3:00 of the 1st Round

Mike Neufeld defeated J.C. Cousins via head and arm choke at 1:43 of the 1st Round

Brandon McDowell defeated Chris Peak via armbar at 1:05 of the 1st Round

Jesse Bongfeldt defeated Sean Huffman via TKO at 0:43 of the 2nd Round

Wow, Bongfeldt that is an impressive win!!!

Huffman looked very tough at KOTC in Vernon.

I couldn't make this event. I offered to be a cardgirl but never heard back after several calls/emails? Maybe next time?
How was the show?
How many people? I heard they were using the bigscreens from King of the Cage and the stage, ramp?cool.

ttt For event details and info!!!

Why no Chad Cox?

Not sure, i was asked to fight him, and was thinking about it, but the weight discrepancy turned out to be too much. 215 vs. 260 lol

good win by Bongfeldt.


Were you at the fight?
How about some details?

I would like to thank all the fighters and camps for making this fight possible, despite the complications we may have had. I will have photo's of the event in a couple/few days, I heard we have some great shots!

Valimaki's camp decided to take a fight with another promotion. Too bad, Chad was prepared and looking forward to this fight.

Thank you again.

Jason St-Louis

How many people?

What "complications"?

Did you use the King of the Cage screens and ramp?

Was this a cage or ring?

Too bad for the Chad fight he looked great at KOTC.
What happened in the fights? any chance of a play by play?

Jason, you never returned my call or emails? But I would love to be a cardgirl? (sent you pics) drop me an email.

Congrats , hopefully I make the next one.

Attendance was light

Complications of fighters late for appointments etc, no biggie.

Never had any KOTC screens...where d'you hear that from? lol.