Affliction has better HW division than UFC .. lol

WTF Dana? How'd you let that happen?

A. Emelianenko

... and rumor soon to be signed Arlovski



.. and.... holds in laugh ... Brock Lesnar

Then they'll cut to 205 after the show. Can we see where Affliction is after one show and see if they have anyone left to fight.

Whether you like him or not, Tim Sylvia is a legitimate HW. He may be boring yes, but he'd give anyone problems. Hell he was tooling Nog until the very end of that fight.

One upcoming show does not make a promotion.

 They definitely have more good HWs than UFC does right now. Well, maybe -- we don't know yet how good the new prospects UFC has been signing are (Brock, Cain, etc).

Keep in mind that many of those "awesome" HWs on the Afflicition card lost their way out of the UFC.

Fedor- greatest heavy of all time
Sylvia- Let go by UFC
Barnett- Nobody knows who he is, 2-2 in last 4 fights
Rothwell- IFL say no more
Rizzo- 2-2 in last 3 years
Buentello- "Don't fear me, fear the consque..." lost to Overeem but did beat Abbott, Villareal, and some guy named Carter Williams
Alaxsander- Has fought no one when he does he loses (Werdum,Barnett) only famous because of his brother.

Take Fedor out of tourney, and UFC wins hands down. Otherwise UFC comes in 2,3,4,5,and 6.

Nobody knows who Josh Barnett is, besides Japanese pro-wrestling fans People know who Chuck Tito and Randy are and the most popular one is Brock Lesnar (likeit or not)

Why does Josh get a pass for roids and being a pro-wrestler?

Not hating just wondering

LOL @ nobody knowing who Barnett is... I suppose if you're a TUF noob you won't know, but to the rest of us MMA fans, we know very well who Barnett is.

 I give this show about a 10% chance of actually happening.

LOL@ the UFC hating in this thread...

If Affliction signs Arlovksi, they will have 4 of the top-6 HW's in the world in Fedor, Sylvia, Arlovski, and Barnett on just their first card.

They would also have 8 of the top-20 HW's with those 4 along with Aleksander, Rothwell, Rizzo, and Buentello on that one card - which is more than what the entire UFC HW roster currently has.

orcus - "Keep in mind that many of those "awesome" HWs on the Afflicition card lost their way out of the UFC."

LOL, quite a desperate stretch there.

The only one of those HW's who might have "lost their way out of the UFC" was actually Sylvia - who is still a top-5 HW.

All of the other former UFC HW's - Barnett, Arlovski, Buentello, and Rizzo - actually left on winning notes (with Barnett having been the reigning UFC HW champ, and where Arlovski even now should be their rightful #1 contender).

The cause of their departures in each case was purely money issues.

And who suddenly likes Sylvia?

But the fact remains that - despite his unappealing style and persona - he is still rightfully a top-5 HW, and has never even dropped out of the top 10 since beating Ricco over 5 years ago.

Affliction card looks good. They do have a great set of HW fighters. I wonder who else will jump on board in some of the other weights.

And btw - seriously LMAO @ any rankings having Brandon Vera somehow in their top 10 (and I actually like Vera).

He has never beaten one top-10 opponent in his entire career.

Plus he hasn't actually had any win at all in just over a year and a half - and that last win came over an unranked Mir to boot, who at that point hadn't even had one impressive, remotely meaningful win since coming back from his accident.

And yet that is still Vera's best win ever so far.

The bottom line is that right now, the UFC's HW division - and their title picture - is in tatters.

There are 6 HW's in the world who are clearly a cut above everyone else in Fedor, Nog, Randy, Sylvia, Arlovski, and Barnett.

The UFC has just one of them in Nog, who is clearly, easily their top HW.

(Randy is sitting out his UFC fighting contract until a court rules as to if and when he will be free of it - and he has stated numerous times that he would rather be forced to retire than fight again in the UFC.)

And the rightful #1 contender in the UFC at this moment should really be Werdum - who is the solid #7 at HW behind those aforementioned 6 (and he along with those 6 are really the only HW's who have been relevant at the highest levels and winning recently).

And believe it or not, Heath Herring - yes, Heath Herring - with his win over Kongo should now actually be rightfully #2 on the UFC's HW ladder as it stands now.

Because only Werdum, Herring, and Mir are coming off wins in the UFC HW title picture - and Mir hasn't beaten one top-20 HW since coming back from his accident, while being battered by Pe De Pano and Vera.

Any HW division with Heath Herring #2 in line (or even in their overall top 5) is not loaded by any stretch.

no one knows who barnett is? stupid fucking noob

 Not to be a UFC hater but they are definitely letting their top fighters go and they're crazy if they think their brand name is going to carry their orgainization.

Now in stark contrast to their status at HW - at 205, the UFC has a virtual monopoly on the entire division.

They have all of the top-20 LHW's, except for Li'l Nog, Arona, Babalu, and Vladdy.

Now THAT'S how it should be for what is now the premier MMA org. in the world.

The presence of that kind of depth of talent is what necessarily defines the best.

And likewise - by that same standard for being the best - the UFC's HW division should unquestionably have a lot more than just 6 of the top 20 (Nog, Werdum, Gonzaga, Herring, Kongo, and Vera).

Plus, the HW division is the most prestigious weight class in all combat sports - the one that defines the absolute "baddest man on the planet" (without needing any P4P hypotheticals attached).

The biggest org. in the sport should also have the sport's best big men.

Josh Barnett got kicked outta UFC after winning a title by using Roids. So sherk can get bashed constantly for having a debatable test result where Barnett was a proven roider and pro wrestler. But Sherk gets massive hate and Brock can't get respect even tho he was a pro wrestler with legit Wrestling skills.

Pro Wrestlers get all the credit they are due when they beat credible opponents, Sak and Barnett anyone? If Brock starts beating the kind of opponents Josh has he'll be the next big thing.

No one likes Sherk because he's boring, btw.

b0bb0 - "Josh Barnett got kicked outta UFC after winning a title by using Roids."

- No, he didn't.

Barnett and the UFC had already been engaged in a protracted and rather acrimonious negotiation process for a new contract even before the positive test result came back.

If Barnett and the UFC could have come to financial terms, the UFC would have kept him - just as they did with Sylvia after Sylvia tested positive (and not just once btw, but twice).

Barnett chose not to re-sign with the UFC for what they were offering - he certainly didn't get "kicked outta UFC" (again, just like Sylvia and Sherk weren't after their own positive results came back as well).

And the rest of your post was pure desultory idiocy.

Let's mention Sherk and Barnett in the same breath once Sherk actually finishes even one legit top-10 opponent. And let's mention Brock and Barnett in the same breath once Brock beats even a top-100 HW.