Affliction will be the Q-Tip of the MMA world,133315

"There is no doubt in our minds that ultimately Affliction will be the Q-Tip of the mixed martial arts world. We will become the premier company when it comes to the fighters."

-- Atencio would not confirm or deny that reports of just 1,500 tickets sold were accurate.   


 You're on point Fabes!

Lol, yes. I'm sure that people will stop referring to MMA as UFC and start to call it Affliction style.

I would say that Affliction is more akin to RC cola.

 I fight Affliction

Card -  I fight Affliction

 that makes you some type of health-care worker.

 I always like Phife Dawg as a MC better then Q-TIp anyways.

i also fight affliction and do adcc

 I like em brown, yellow, puerto rican or haitian, my name is Phife Dawg from the zulu nation.

I like the Affliction shows. They've put on GREAT fights so far. They might be done after this show, tho.

Hell if Fedor/AA can't make a big Draw outside of the UFC, what can?

It's too bad, I wanted to see Fedor/Barnett.

 I hope they keep doing what they're doing. 

They're giving me incredible cards and the best fighter in the world against top competition.  As an MMA fan I'm all for that.

fiercedragon - wtf does that mean? affliction is gonna clean our ears? or be a decent hip hop star?

 It means they're gonna clean out and get thrown in the trash with all the other used Q-tips.

The groupies running Affliction would have been Battleship 8 years ago. But that was before MMA was the "cool" thing. Ran by a guy who used to take pictures of events...its just a matter of time before the Combat Lifestyle starts promoting. Redbull and Vodka anyone?

 If Combat Lifestyle can book Fedor vs. Arlovski where all other promotions fail, I say WAR Tracy Lee.

 The first event was packed full . This one will be too . You may be able to spot Fabes in the crowd , just sayin A List .

Cheap and disposable.

(anxiously awaits the crowning of the king of the ring and true ultimate fighting champion with crown and scepter)

I'm sure everyone on every street corner will be huge fans of the WAMMA champion.

WTF marketing genious thought that WAMMA was a good idea?