Who is the match maker??? Fix it!

Heres How I wanna see it! 100% more excitement.

Barnet x Arlovski

Fedor x Yvel

Sokudjuo X Belfort

Lindland x Babalu

Horedki x Lauzon

Hard to fix what happened months ago...

DWray - Hard to fix what happened months ago...


January 24th Fedor x arlovski ... You are therefore refering to first show.


I think the OP is saying he wishes this is what the upcoming january card should look like. If so, I disagree and like the announced card much better.

Or that every Affliction event can be called "Banned". Maybe that's what the OP meant. Now i'm confused.

 Will affliction ever put out their event on dvd?

I would buy that DVD, some great fights on that card! ...while UFC that same day was boring and everyone looked bored like they wanted to see/be at Affliction's show! Zuffa shot themselves in the foot on that one...

 I like it better how it far.

BrockWillKillNog - I would buy that DVD, some great fights on that card!


Affliction feels like PRIDE FC COMEBACK!!!


We Need More MMA and New venues.


Na the fight is fine , good match up there. I am not saying I dont love that card , Its that my way would be better.

I would rather see a head hunter like yvel face the fedor.Plus I wanna see arlovski kick barnets' ass.

I'm hyked up for this event!

Gonna be great!!!!