Affordable sites for resume building?

Serious inquiry fellas...I need to seriously update or more so, have a better qualified person other than myself uniformly adjust my resume. I've got a solid skill-set within my mediocre field but I'm not sure what HR is looking for these days? I don't have a lot of cash for all the bells and whistles, nor do I need all those amenities. Are there any technical sites that do this sort of thingy at an affordable $? Appreciate any and all genuine help! Thanks brothers. I don't have WORD so I use openoffice, which never seems to be upload worthy in resume format? I'm not very tech. savvy so please be gentle.

I can't speak to any resume consulting places but I can say that as far as the document format, I've been told on a number of occasions by folks in HR and in management that PDF is the preferred file format.  Apparently all Word docs are out and PDF is the new 'in' thing as it's easier to process in the HR applications and looks more professional overall.