Afraid to duel me

Geez I'm a n00b drood, my gear sucks, and people are still afraid to duel me. Tsk tsk tsk...

Is that AQ? Have you been two-timing the monkeys you bastard?

well to be fair, the dood doesn't have any arms

he does to have arms, he has arms AND wings which is 10 times as good as just arms

Have you been two-timing the monkeys you bastard?

Man cannot live on losing AV alone

lol yeah, it was a PUG. We eventually got him down. The problem was mana burn.

Think there was only 1 lock, the raid leader, and he sounded like Apu from the Simpsons on vent. I was laughing so hard I could hardly follow what was going on during that fight anwyays.

"Please to be not kiting the moam, monna bunn manna bunn...don't do dat again or I'll blow your head off..and come again!" ---Apu

yep the secret to moam is just having some locks. 3 is best if you are a pug because your dps will be low enough that you will have to deal with the adds. Ossiran is the biggest pain in the ass if you are with a crew that you aren't used to working with. The timing is alot easier when you play with the same guys over and over. It just vibes better.