After Army BT??

I'm not in the military, but I have a friend who is currently in BT. My friend was told by the recruiting Sgt that they have an option after Basic to take (I believe) 2weeks "off" before AIT, and go around trying to get other people to enlist. The drill Sgts at Basic told everyone they go straight to AIT, and forget what the recruiters told them. question is, what REALLY are the options, or do they even have any? Could anyone shed some light on this for me?
Thanks... Matt

The program is called Home Town Recruiting Program (HRAP) where soldiers return home either after Basic or AIT and work for 20 hours a week in the recruiting station for up to 2 weeks. While on HRAP, they don't get charged leave. Recruiters nominate the soldier to return, however, if the soldier has issues at Basic (discipline or re-cycle/delay graduation) the Drill SGT's don't have to honor the HRAP. After AIT he may be able to return. Another option is after AIT, if he's home on leave, he can go to the recruiting station and see if he can sign in to do HRAP. There's a process to allow this if the LTC signs the paperwork.

Major Bob

I did HRAP and basically did'nt do anything.They would send me out to get names I would pick some out of the phone book and turn them in the next morning.