After Brown R1 KO's Silva, he should fight for the

After Matt Brown's first round KO of Erick Silva this Saturday, Brown should get the next title shot against Johny Hendricks, right?

He's already on a 6 fight win streak with 5 of those being KO/TKO's!

Does anyone think otherwise?

He's put together a nice little win steak, but he needs a win or two against top competition to get a title shot.

Loser of MacDonald vs Woodley, maybe?

Plus, Erick Silva is no joke; there's a good chance Brown gets KOd in this fight. Phone Post 3.0

I agree he hasn't faced top competition but i think the ufc is to blame for that. If he ko's silva he deserves the shot imo Phone Post 3.0

"Loser of MacDonald vs Woodley, maybe?"

Why would you give a guy on a 7 fight win streak, 6 by KO, a guy coming off a loss?

Matchmakers should take advantage of streaks like that. If not a title shot, then a fight against a top guy to determine the next title challenger.

Right round and outcome

Wrong fighter Phone Post 3.0

There is no way he gets a title shot for beating Silva. Phone Post 3.0

Pointless fight. Silva is undeserving and will be squashed

The Fella - 

I think Matt's gonna get a reality check when he finally faces a step up in competition.


I'm taking Erick Silva in this one via pure unadulterated violence.


With that said, best of luck to the Atheist Matt Brown - who will be in search of God as he wakes from his slumber on the evening of May 10th and tries to peels his own carcase off the silky smooth octagon canvas, he'll look up at the bright lights shining above and in dismay and confusion the truth about the world around him comes rushing to his mind and he understand the grand Illusion and says ....."My GOD!"


Silva def. Brown via KO - Round 1

Funny, you could say the same thing about Erick Silva. And no, almost choking out Fitch doesn't count.

General Tao - Right round and outcome

Wrong fighter Phone Post 3.0

I doubt it. Brown has never been KO'd in 29 fights, while Silva got KO'd 2 fights ago.

Current champions and who they fought before title fight not counting 145 and below.

Cain: (I started from his first reign and not the second) brad Morris, jake O'Brien, Denis stojnic, cheick Kongo, Ben rothwell, big nog. 6 streak before title shot

Jon jones: Andre gusmao, Stephan bonnar, jake O'Brien, Matt hamil** (skipping this fight) Brandon Vera, Vladimir matyushenko, Ryan Bader. 6 without hamil fight.

Chris weidman: alessio sakara, Jesse bongfeldt, Tom lawler, Damien Maia, mark Munoz. 5 fight win streak

Johnny Hendricks** (leading up to gsp fight): tj waldburger, mike pierce, Jon Fitch, josh koscheck, Martin kampmann, Carlos condit. 6 fight win streak

Anthony Pettis: Jeremy Stephens, joe Luazon, Donald Cerrone. 3 fight win streak (former wec champ as well)

With the exception of Pettis whose case is a bit different than the others; most of the champions had a long road to the top as well. Immortals turn will come soon enough. Phone Post 3.0

Nope, he needs to fight some legit top 10 fighters. Too bad he injured his back against Condit, would've loved to see Carlos whoop him

Sub Phone Post 3.0