after edgar/maynard is jim miller next in line?

it seems the lw division is pretty stacked at the moment and one of the few where the title might change hands a few times.

is jim miller next in line or is george sotiropoulos fighting for the title first?

i hope jim miller doesn't go blow his win streak in the meantime.

oh yeh, totally forgot about the wec merger.

i think benson henderson will become the next lightweight champion, after edgar defends his title against maynard.

so the lightweight division becomes even more stacked than before.

hope jim miller isn't sat on the side lines for too long now, he has earned a shot.

Henderson doesn't have a prayer against Edgar. The WEC fight is done simply because it will be someone that casual fans will give more credibility then they deserve, and will allow the champ to get a nice finish. The "problem" with the Lightweight division is that the dudes at the top are so tough that a decision is the most likely outcome in nearly any top pairing, and casual fans think decision means it was automatically a boring fight.

Bendo/Pettis winner
Let George fight Bocek first...I like the sound of that after Bocek called him out on his bjj.
Dunham's gotta be coming up after that provided he wins..too bad he's not going to be fighting Florian.

Plotting that many shots in advance is time wasted, you're talking end of 2012 by the fourth name. Nobody knows how the division will look then.