After every event all u see here is hate!

Every single event all everyone does is talk shit about how bad someone is. Is there not anyone who appreciates the events ? Or the fact that Barnett was able to force his game plan and Werdum couldn't. Overeem getting killed because he wouldn't jump In the guard and risk a fedor type loss ? IMO Werdum made that fight boring and hard to finish.

There is very little discussion here anymore , just a bunch of bitching about great fighters on tv free.

 VTF...... U

I appreciated the Prelims. Phone Post

I'm starting to get sick of this place. It's like a huge argument after every fight & it's as if everyone personalizes things.

Overeem TD defense was great , Werdum would not engage long enough to make it a fight.

I thought comier was impressive , but could make 205. He is very small for a heavy. His striking gets better every time.

Barnett and Werdum had the same exact game plan , one executed it to perfection.
Dude only threw a couple standing strikes and still dominated the fight. That's what Werdum wanted but couldn't do. Phone Post

OP is right. I would vote you up if I could.

I agree with OP 100%. Werdum ruined that fight. Phone Post


I agree completly! People are complaining about Overeem having a bad performance like no one EVER has one, and saying "Oh, he's not as good as I thought...".. Werdum's gameplan made the fight look bad, and made Reem a little hesitant to engage, thats it.


it's fucking pathetic.

they hate on everyone.

hate on who loses, hate on who wins, hate on guys who previously beat the guys that lost tonight... fucking losers. it's pitiful.

This was a good, good card and the 1st round of the Overeem/Werdum fight was super fun and then Overeem gassed and he hurt Fabricio's knee when he tossed him once and the fight sucked from there on out.

What did we learn?

- After all these years and 30 extra pounds of muscle an no cutting for Alistair his gas tanks still sucks balls and it will be his undoing against guys like Cain & JDS
- Even gassed Fabricio had nothing for Alistair really.

Oh and BTW: yes the UG has become a viper pit of trolls and losers who have nothing but bile to spew...

I agree. Everyone LOVES to bitch.

You could give them a million dollars and they'd complain it wasn't 3mil.

O and BTW II: Fedor should have been allowed to fight the 3rd against Bigfoot. I think he would have won and, with the way Alistair was taking shots in the second he would have KO'd him in the 2nd round.....

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dont forget that after every event at least one top ranked fighter is deemed overrated

^^^ oh yea thats the greatest. That dude/girl was overrated anyway.

Yea CRE is right I have learned to appreciate Fights and skill much more when there is no toothbrush shank involved. Phone Post

A lot of people here just enjoy having something to bitch about - I'm not sure some people have even watched an MMA fight :(.


Yes you get a vote up sir. It's very unfortunate. A lot of posters on the UG simply don't have the ability to be objective or reasonable. Lot's of fan boys spouting out "lol at (insert fighter or promotion's name here)" type of nonsense. Their ability to accurately analyze or judge a fighter or fight is completely clouded by whatever bias they have, one way or the other.

It's not all posters here, there are some very good ones, it just seems like the dumb ones are louder.

caposa - dont forget that after every event at least one top ranked fighter is deemed overrated

Sad but true. The attention span of the average UG'er seems to be quite low. Very short memories to the point where one performance causes them to forget anything and everything else that a fighter has ever done. The disrespect to the great fighters who put themselves on the line is what really gets me.