After Ronda beats meisha

The UFC should go ahead and create a flyweight division. 1/2 the bantams Ronda is decimating, or will decimate are natural 125ers. I know it's just my silky opinion, but both meisha and Jessica eye are natural 125ers, and throwing a 125 title around Meishas waist would only increase the UFCs WMMA profit margin. Not to mention it is more fair, and safer for the natural 125s forced to face 135ers, or destroying themselves to make 115. Ronda won't be around forever - Tate once more, holly holm, and maybe cyborg and than she goes Gina carano, IMO.

After Ronda beats Tate again, I say the 125lb invicta champ, barb honchak fights Jessica eye, and meisha takes on Zoila gurgel (it was bs, but she dethroned the original WMMA goat and has name recognition. Winners fight for the belt and if cyborg can't make 135, she fights whoever wants the opportunity to become the 145 champ. 7 fight ppvs and a few woman fights on fight pass would only help.

Call me crazy, but meisha Tate as a 125lb champion seems very, very profitable for the UFC.

A champion who has already been destroyed three times???!

Meisha making 125 with her big fake tits is a joke anyway. Phone Post 3.0

Go away Phone Post 3.0

Meisha is the one who said she is a natural 125er .... BJ Penn lost mad times at 170 but is the goAt at 155 (some argue gomi, it's close)

You obviously have't seen Miesha lately. She has been bulking up.

Miesha is so fucking hot. Phone Post 3.0