After Silva Vs Hunt Fight

(IF) Silva Wins, after seeng the fight people will say this and that because of how he won the fight.

Remeber a real hard part of winning is actually finding the way even if in the end it turns out it did not have to be so hard.

If Wand Punches, clinches, takedowns then punches or soccer kicks his way to Victory, no merit should be taken away. We all know that Hunt Punches a lot harder than Wand and would tear Wand head if he did catch him. Its finding a way around it that will make this fight interesting.

I agree with you, but that would be way too fair for the UG.

There are so many haters here that even if Silva beat Fedor, he still wouldn't be good enough.

Right. That's exactly what I'm talking about.

Beating Sakuraba 3x already makes him a truly great LHW.

And beating Mezger, Henderson, Cro Cop (draw my ass), Yoshida, Rampage (2x) and Kondo makes him a living fucking legend.

"It is only the great ones that matter."

LOL. What great fighters did Tito and Vitor beat (since apparently Silva isn't great)? And if they're not great, why are Chuck and Randy great for beating them?

And there's the eternal moron's refrain of referring to numerous fighters who weigh in at 205 as 185 and 190 pounders.

So, okay, he's got two great victories in your insightful estimation. So right there he's ahead of Vitor and Tito.

Newsflash: It's not hard to "prove themselves against each other" for fighters that are in a closed system, a division consisting of four guys.

Conclusion: You're an idiot. I guarantee you he will be remembered as "a truly great LHW" by everyone with a brain over the likes of Tito and Vitor, probably Chuck, and Randy to some.

I think we have been trolled by Dr. Doom.
Nobody could be THAT stupid.

I don't know. Thinking Silva, for some reason, has to beat Randy to prove himself, while Randy doesn't have to beat Silva to prove HIMself, is a common notion.