After the Bar Last Night....

Setting: After bar close last night I bring this model home for some alone time. On the way up to bedroom we walk past my entertainment center with Sony Playstion 2 video game console connected to my Sony 65" widescreen HDTV.

Model: "PS2 huh?"

wasabi: "Yeah, I'm sorry about that. Most everyone on the gamerground forum says that console game perils in comparison to PC gaming. Do you want me to take you home? I could call you a cab if you prefer also."

Model: "OH NO NO NO! Only people I know that play games on PC are absolute fucking geeks. I mean some of them are nice guys but I don't know, it's like there is a direct correlation between PC gaming and utter geekdom. And for the record, PC gaming is not all it's cracked up to be, don't pay any attention to them."

wasabi: "No shit huh? Well thanks for the info. Let's take a look at the liquor cabinet."

Model: "I don't want to waste time mixing a drink."


BTW, this is 100% accurate.

Its true. The console just perils in comparison the PC.





thats spelled fanboi

Jealousy is a biznatch.

..and what would I be jealous of?


As a model, did he look anything like the Swayze? Was he good to you?


The Correct just threw its controller at Wasabi after being thoroughly whupped for the eighth time in a row