After the fight, Royce will.....

kick back with a tall cool one, and perhaps an enjoyable blunt, and say " 1.3 million baby, not bad for a nights work". "It's my house, and it paid me well".

Regardless of the fights outcome (I think Hughes will win a very one sided fight) Royce will be a well compensated man.


It's a win-win for Royce.

Thats the truth.

go to disney world

help him up and send him home

either be enjoying the thrill of victory in the octagon or in traction somewhere.

source? Where did you read that he will be getting 1.3 million?

get stitched up and perhaps have a relaxing cat scan.

Have his dinner through an IV at the hospital. And enjoy eating only soup for the next 4 weeks.

need a plastic surgeon or dentist, or both.

[need a plastic surgeon or dentist, or both. ]

Yes, because all of Matts opponents have needed this.

Royce will after the fight, start teaching again, and have to teach everybody how he pulled off the submission with hughes, whatever the submission is he uses it will be the focus of every mma training center for the next 6 if he wins with arm bar everybody will talk about having it down right and how Royces technique is done properly that it will work if you do it right...or if he pulls a heel hook or foot lock everybody will be working foot locks for the next 13 years