After the storm


Man has expected Science and Technology to bring him abundance and comfort; to skyrocket his sense of enjoyment and happiness.

Fascinated by the idea of power and objective results, and mare concerned with the success of their achievements, technicians have been unaware of Humanity's need for spiritual values.

The conquests of space, with the plausible idea of exploring worlds, did not add a bit to man's inner realization...

Likewise the advancement of Medicine and its success in resolving many health problems has ushered the discovery of new organic and psychic disorders for which there is no early solution in sight.

New and valid educational methods, backed by psychological studies and research, have only resulted in perplexity and frustrations. They failed to bring under control an unreasonable and disillusioned youth.

This has alarmed educators and caused psychologists to worry about future generations...

Makeshift solutions have abounded only to result in failure due to the complexity of problems which upset nations and communities...

Serious moral, economic and social upheavals keep showing up everywhere. There is a storm brewing in the ocean of Humanity.

The Earth is like a huge boat overcome by the elements. The passengers are exasperated; they cry, scream, go into a rage, and... they pray.

Materialism is obviously failing. Being responsible for the present state of mankind and civilization, it only lulls the masses for a while then begins to weaken, fade away, and will soon disappear...

But after the storm has passed, the gift of peace comes. Only the love as taught by Christ can solve the great problems that torment Humanity.

Love will make people realize that only by helping one another can they be saved, for there is individual suffering, and when one person suffers all are affected. Happiness cannot be self centered, and it is doubtful that anyone could rejoice while surrounded by those in tears. Hope, based on the concept of brotherhood, stimulates the young to go forward and to achieve what is noble.

This is the type of love that impelled Prince Siddhartha to renounce luxury and adopt meditation and brotherhood. The same love induced Francis of Assisi to embrace poverty and humility; Mahatma Gandhi to practice "nonviolence," and Albert Schweizer to dedicate himself to the sick in Lambarene.

This is the love which produced giants of renunciation, great ones of Science, Apostles of Charity, and self-giving Saints. It is this love that, while surrounded by corruption and evil, inspired the true philosophers of freedom, the giants of religious faith, and the heroes of brotherhood...

Arising from the ruins of a materialistic culture, love restores peace to human ears in the Gospel's Beatitudes; a song of wisdom and beauty to those who hope for the joyful days to come, already being announced.

The Gospel -- which is the paramount of moral codes -- as viewed by the Lord's Spirits in all its purity, stands at the gate of a new era. It will at last find lodging in the souls of men to become the guiding principle of all nations.

In the pages of this book are discussed some of the more crucial issues of our times that have engendered a great deal of conflicting opinions and heated debates.

There is nothing exceptional in what we are offering. Nor do we adopt the attitude of those who arrogantly claim to be scholarly or wise. In them is the result of our studies from this side after listening to instructions by eminent ones recently arrived from Earth, and by others who are preparing to return to the Planet. Our studies are also based on the Gospel texts and the Spiritist Codification of Allan Kardec, a servant chosen by the Lord.

Our purpose is to contribute to a quicker change in the moral and spiritual condition of Mankind. Like a generous mother, the Earth gives shelter to those who are passing by it in quest of their ascension. On it dwell souls who seek our opinions and our answers to comfort them during these stormy days.

It is a series of essays that look into problems to analyze them in all easy and simple manner based on the eyes of love and the faith in God; a personal contribution, though small, that aims at the well being of Mankind which one day will unite us, as brothers, in the Supreme Good.

Joanna de Ângelis

Salvador, April 10, 1974

Remember the story of the Truth?

After Adam and Eve had left Eden, G-d took the Truth (arguements that G-d is the truth are beside the point for this story) and wondered where to hide it.

The mountains said, "Bury it in a mountain!"- but G-d responded "One day, man will mine the hearts of mountains." Then the oceans spoke "Put it beyond the oceans." and G-d responded "One day man will build ships and master the oceans." and the sky spoke "Put it above the sky, beyond their reach!" and G-d responded "One day, man's reach will go beyond the sky." Then G-d knew the answer "I will the Truth in their hearts, for it is the last place they will think to look."


Good story this of the truth, I didn┬┤t know it.