After watching a video like this

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How can you think (your religion) got it right?? Seems selfish almost.

because with all of that

to think that a small spec of a human being in all of time could be loved by the creator is infinitely more substantial a feeling than anything else.

call it selfishness, call it purpose, call it fulfillment what ever you want to call it. but it's awe inspiring.

Phone Post 3.0

Contrary to the video, I know a shitload of people who truly believe they are in fact the center of the universe.

With a size of 2.8 billion kilometers It would take light about 155 minutes to trave across the diameter of that last star. That's insane to think when it takes ight from the sun about 8minutes to reach earth! It is more than 18x the size of the distance from the Sun to Earth. That is more than 4 times the distance from the Sun to Jupiter! That is just mind boggling huge in the grand scheme of things. It is so large that it would barely fit between the sun and uranus at uranus's farthest point in its orbit!

You could watch the entire movie Gladiator in the time it takes light to travel the diamter of that last star.