Afternoon Training in TO

Anyone know where there is afternoon training in the TO/Newmarket area?

I'm on a whirlwind honeymoon tour of the world and wanted to get in a roll or 3 while in town. Right now I'm based at my Mom's place in Newmarket and have most of my nights full with visiting friends and relatives, maybe an early evening session might be possible, but lunch afternoon would be better.

Any Suggestions?


(Machado light-weight Purple) has noon hour and early morning classes.

I think there is afternoon Open Mat Jiu Jitsu somewhere in Toronto.

Pay attention to the posts regarding it.

Its basically blue belts and up rolling and trading techniques/tips for free.

I hear they are awesome and plan on attending them once I recover from an injury.

Shah Franco has classes everyday at noon. 416 256 9952 Lots of great guys to roll with. Dan give me a shout while you're in town 905 442 7111

Hey Justin, I'll give you a call tomorrow, just about to head out for dinner.

Just got back from changing the tires on my mom's car in Newmarket. There was a school in the strip mall called "School of Hard Knoxz" UFC style Octagon training and pro wrestling.

Anyone heard of these guys???