Age and technique advice needed

I'm 22yrs old and am lifting weights again and was looking at starting boxing for a workout and for training purposes. What I am wondering is 22 to old to begin boxing and learn it effectively? I am planning on enlisting in a couple of years after I am done with college and wanted to start boxing for myself and as a solid cardio workout to prepare for the military and police afterwards. Also, I am right handed but feel more comfortable southpaw. Is that wrong or weird? I just like throwing jabs with my right hand more than my left and I feel I throw the left with as much or even more power than my right when hitting the bag. Any suggestions or advice would be great.

If your learning boxing for a workout and training you can start boxing at 50.

I started boxing at 23 and I could fight pro if I wanted too. Age has less to do with it than dedication.

Anthony Mundine didn't start till he was 25 also.

I think if your getting serious you need to get a coach to teach you how to box and work out what stance you will take with him, again if its just for a workout and training its not really going to matter which way you stand as long as you keep the work rate up for the fitness.

Well I do want to train technique. I may pursue some MMA in the future but I wanted to learn boxing as a sport and it is great for its fitness as well. I've always wanted to start but have never really had the time and the right situations to box but now I do. Most PAL clubs have someone that can coach or does coach don't they? We have a PAL club here and thats where I was thinking about going. If anybody knows I would appreciate it.

No help from anyone?

I tried :)

The only way to learn how to box is to go to a boxing gym and work with a boxing trainer.

If you are dedicated, you will get into great shape and learn how to protect yourself quite well.

I know Keats, thanks. I meant more people. Sorry.

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You've got plenty of time to learn how to box. Obviously given your plans for enlisting, and long term goal to get into law enforcement, this isn't a career pursuit anyways. You will be able to get into great shape and to learn enough to handle the average Joe if needed. Have fun learning.

As far as boxing with your strong side forward, Oscar DeLaHoya and Micheal Moorer are two notable fighters who've done this. It's not unheard of.