Age of Conan Beta

Go sign up:


haha, I havent gotten the email for Warhammer yet.

Looking forward to that one too.


Did you quit wow Q?

Let us know when you get the warhammer one. I may actually try the conan one though.

Yeah Sean, I canceled my account until I can afford to build a new rig.

My current box took a shit on me and even though I could fix it for $150, I'd rather wait and upgrade everything so that it can handle AOC, Warhammer, Crysis, etc.

been reading up on this. sounds fun. interesting ideas like that it is single player till lvl 20. Also you pick a archetype at lvl 5 then at level 20 choose your class. Looking forward to this much more then Warhammer so far.

PvP sounds good too. Guilds capture towers or build their own battle keeps. Drunken brawling too. hehe

based on the reviews and what I read about AOC I am going to sign up for the beta and check it out

who knows it might break the WoW hold on my gaming life

Damnit. I need to do this from home to get the right DX report.

the more i read the more i like. imagine a OG guild in this game? Create a huge battlekeep in the border kingdoms and then in the main world guilds can build their own cities. When another guild attacks your keep you have a few hours to gather as many of your guildies as possible to help defend. The attacks can use catapults and stuff.

And the idea of the 1-20 single player game idea sounds good too. WOrst thing in WoW was the first 20 levels. THe first 20 levels in Conan is like a single player RPG game.

thanks <3

This game looks absolutely badass. I'm going to build up my rig just for this game.

If an OG guild forms, count me in.

I'm waiting for it on the 360. Hopefully us console guys can play with the PC guys.

I hope they're looking for a few guys with minimal MMORPG experience, because I'd only ever played WoW on that list of options.

you should have lied Willy

I did

me too

lol @ anyone who didn't lie.

Only problem with me is that they'll get to see what a shitty computer I have.

you could of altered your dxdiag file :)

i changed my ram from 1024 to 2048. my gfx card is super anyways, so no need to change it.