Age of Mythology

Anyone here playing this?

Ive had it forever but just starting playing it again.

Ive been using Isis or Set alot so far. I got the Titans add on and have been Using Gaia with that.

This game is imho the best rts game ever. Yes even better the Starcraft. The soundtrack alone is worth paying for and the single player is kick ass too.

Anyone know of a place to get good custom maps?

Daemon Tentacle

it is a fun game....don't know where mine is though cause I lent it out to someone......well made game

I thought it was really cool. It got a little long after a while, but my wife ended up finishing the game.

better then starcraft?!@?!!?!?! oh but not better then brood wars right

It is better then sc ( in my opinion) and I played the shit out of that. Brood Wars included.
I Just think the balance of the game is far better.

There are so many different units in mythology its amazing. Tons of mythological creatures from the Norse, Egyptian, Greek, and now Atlantean mythos.

Then there are the human soldiers which can be upgraded several times. They go beyond just armor levels etc

There are units that used to take out archers specificly for example. I could go on and on. Just play the demo. You will love it.