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Watch this complete event for free on! Nearly 3 hours of hard hitting action featuring French phenom Antony Rea, always exciting Charles "Crazy Horse" Bennett and fighters from the American Top Team.

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Fight 1 (145 lb maximum weight)Jesse Rovinsky, Orlando,FL vs Richard McCasland, Orlando, FL
Fight 2 (185 lb maximum weight)Freddy Ferronni, Miami vs TJ Cook
Fight 3 (170 lb maximum weight)Rob Bailey, Lake Mary, FL (Pro debut)vs Marcus Santos
Fight 4 (205 lb maximum weight)Attila Nagy, originally from Hungary vs Matt Hershberger, Zanesville, OH
Fight 5 (155 lb maximum weight)Scotty Johnson, Ft. Myers, FLvs Ryan Nakamora, Orlando, FL
Fight 6 (205 lb maximum weight)Antony Rea, FRANCEvs Leo Sylvest, Indianapolis, IN
Fight 8 (155 lb maximum weight)Charles Bennett, Orlando FLvs Glen Mincer, American Top Team, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Fight 9 (Super heavy weight--over 205 lb)Mike Buchkovich, Elite Martial Arts, Orlando, FL vs Jerome Smith, Georgia
Fight 10 (185 lb maximum weight)Jamie Levine, Elite Martial Arts, Orlando FL vs Chris Myers, Hammerhouse Gym, Columbus, Ohio

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Patrick Assalone and Marc Figueras are the announcers.

I like Patrick, he's a pretty cool guy. But the whole "What do I know - I'm only the World Champ!" was way too over the top for me.

Thank you.

Coming up next week I'll have the entire Obaktagon Challenge 2004. You guys will love this show - quick KO's and exciting submissions. The DVD will be really good.

I'll also have a new Video Magazine up on the site next week. Still got some remodeling to do, but I'll have the site completely done real soon. The switch from Real to Windows Media put me behind but I'm much happier with Windows Media so I'm glad I listened to you guys.


When is Cam fighting again??

Cool thanks.

I might put one of his fights on the next video mag.



ttt for Johnny