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Knockout Of The Month

TJ Cook VS Matt Rodgers from the Obaktagon Challenge


Tag Team Submission Wrestling

Jeff Monson and Wade Rome from ATT take on the Hammer House team of Kevin Randleman and Wes Simms


Featured Fighter of the Month - Johnathan Ivey

Watch several fights and grappling matches from this Heavyweight fighter



Jason Walls shows an armbar switch


Submission Fighting

Jason Walls VS Brandon Bledsoe


Music Video

Watch the new video from DamagePlan


MMA Flashback

Clips from the Travis Fulton VS Brad Kohler fight from 1997


Highlight Video

Mark Coleman highlight video from




Windows Media 9 Format - 200k Stream

There are a couple bad spots in the Johnathan Ivey fights (it was like that on the tape he provided me). But he deserves the exposure so check it out. I think a lot of people that haven't seen Johnathan fight will really enjoy seeing him compete.

Keep it up Johnny!

Yeah, Matt's a great fighter and he'll definitely be back. TJ has a TKO and a KO in his first two MMA fights. He was very hesitant in his first fight but let the fists fly quickly in this one.

"wtf was going on in the tag team submission match? was that work? "

There wasn't any predetermined out come of that match . I don't know how hard these guys were going but it wasn't worked .

LOL at Johnny saying "DAMN!!" after the big KO .

From the video clips I've seen, Jason Walls is sick at armbars! He slips into them from everywhere! He should do an instructional on armbar techniques.


TheAx: Actually we did film a lot of stuff for an instructional but I never got time to put it out on a DVD. I am going to do it now though since I've freed up time and I'll keep putting some of his techniques on the video mags so people we'll be able to see what the DVD is like. Jason has a ton of ways to hit an armbar - he won 5 matches in a row at one point by armbar.

Randy: I was running a camera at the Obaktagon show and I couldn't yell or scream at the KO so I saved it up for the video mag LOL

frankiscool: You confused me on that one. I'm looking for WEFC1 for you right? Forrest VS Monson? There are a couple masters I still don't have but I'm working hard. I just got a couple more (WEFC The New Beginning and Gettin' It On in the Octagon) the last few weeks.

Thanks for putting the event up. It was fun to watch, especially for free.

Frank, that really sucks!

But you're still confusing me LOL - I have the Travis Fulton VS Brad Kohler fight from 1997. I didn't put a Forrest fight on this mag. I'd be more than happy to do it on a future one, but it sounds nearly impossible to get his fights!

Oh, OK. Now I understand!!! That's a commercial I got from Jeff Osborne - I don't have the whole tape (if I did I'd send it to ya'). You might wanna check with Jeff. He may have that tape. I think he was selling it for a while.

I bet you were throwing stuff at the screen when that came up LOL :-)


A man that truly loves MMA= Johnny Walls. This dude is not really making any money off of all the things he does for the sport, so I say he deserves a hand! Props to you, Johnny!

Thanks!! Props from the UG is worth more than money. It's priceless! LOL


ttt one last time

Hey johnny email your address when i am done i will send you a copy of my video.



That was great. Thanks.