Aggressive Fightgear

New and Aggressive Fightgear Ready to Turn Heads.

Phoenix (AZ), January 9, 2005 - A new and exciting line of mixed
martial arts apparel has officially been released to the world of NHB
competition. Jeff Haugen, owner and operator in Phoenix, Arizona is
proud to introduce AttackMode Fightgear, to those athletes ready to take
skill and aggression to a whole new level.

“AttackMode Athletics are for those fighters and athletes who's heart
and determination reign supreme. For those who will back down from
nothing, in the competitive arena and in life”, said Jeff Haugen, Owner.
“Extreme athletes everywhere are eager to show the fighting spirit that
thrives deep within. Pray you're not Prey - we believe the tagline
speaks for itself.”

Fighters, athletes and fans can now enjoy a full line of bold and
aggressive clothing that takes the fighter mentality to impressive new
heights. Items available include t-shirts, tanktops, sweatshirts, fight
shorts, hats and beanies - as well as a full line of clothing for the
female enthusiast.

AttackMode Fightgear is currently seeking fighters who are ready to take
the world of Mixed Martial Arts to an even higher level. Those without
heart, aggression and determination - need not apply.

Eye-catching posters and banners will also be available to competitors,
instructors and/or event coordinators in an effort to help enhance the
competitive atmosphere with intriguing logos and aggressive graphics.

Based in Phoenix, Arizona - AttackMode Fightgear is open to cross
promotions as well as new business ventures. Visit for further details.

AttackMode Fightgear will be unveiling its entire new line for 2005 on February 1st 2005. Please be patient, as early orders are coming in fast. Best of luck to all in your future training and MMA/NHB endeavors.

Very Sincerely,
AttackMode Fightgear Staff