Agility ladder

I'm just trying to gather some opinions.

Would you incorparte some agility ladder drills to supplement your with foot work or as an alternative to jump rope?

You don't need a ladder. Just a gimmic. Do what ever foot work drills you want. No ladder required.


Grab some chalk and a chunk of sidewalk and make your own. Think of it as adult hopscotch.

Like Taku said, just a gimmick. I think they have some validity, but to pay any money for one is foolish.

I think that to pay actual money for an agility ladder is absolutly moronic.

The only exception is if you are running some sort of class at a really nice gym for a bunch of fancy dandies. Then, you are just getting it for the look.

Otherwise, you are basicaly going to pay 25 or more dollars for something that can be made with twine and sticks.

I like to do agility ladder work as a warm-up. I use it for conditioning as well. Here is an example of a conditioning round: Run down, burpee, run back, burpee, bear crawl forward, burpee, bear crawl backward, burpee, repeat for 5 min round.

I agree that agility ladders are easy to improvise. The only real argument for getting pre-fab ones is that they look a bit more professional. If you are training you and your friends this usually isn't an issue. In some commercial settings though it might be a turn-off to potential clients.


I just used one today in my class - I put together a whole obstacle course and the agility ladder was one segment of it.

If you want to do ladder drills, you need a ladder, just using lines on the gound or imagining you have a ladder doesnt get the same effect of actually going through a ladder and knowing if your getting your feet off the ground.

Derrick Noble, M.S. CSCS

The actual ladder smokes markings on the ground.

You can grab a nice SPARQ one at Sports Authority now for like $50.


The point I was making above is there is no need to do ladder drills for SAQ. There is absolutely no advantage to doing them over any other form of SAQ type training.

Do I need to start putting little letters after my name now?


I put my credentials down, so people know if I comment on something Im not just some jackass giving my opinion. It is however my opinion, but with my little letters it means that it is an educated one.

Derrick Noble, B.S. M.S. CSCS, USAW

ladder or not still the better choice is always going to be something that matches the sport you are training for.

I find the imaginary obstacles the hardest ones to overcome

Agility ladder = 15-20 plastic rulers and a roll of duct tape. 15 minutes later, you've got your ladder. Plastic rulers can be had for 10-20c each.

Hey Derrick Noble,

no offense meant. Good for you for attempting to educate yourself.

If you have been here for a while then you know some of the sharpest guys around here have no official credentials at all.


krakkerz - That doesn't look too professional to clients, however.

in these days of "Hard-core" Garage Gyms etc are we really worried about looking professional?

Do Big, old, warn out tires look professional? Do sand bags made out of duffle bags with Duct tape on them look professional?


There's a big difference between a big tire and duct tape and rulers, sorry. A big tire and a duffle bag have clear functions when you look at them. Nobody is going to balk at picking up and carrying a bag - that's what you do with bags.

Rulers and duct tape, look like something cobbled together. Chalk on the ground would look better. It's one thing to look "hard core," it's another to just look cheap.

Not to mention the ease of putting the ladder away -- the store bought ones are very simple to condense and store. I wouldn't want to see the mess that results from the ruler-tape concoction when you try to quickly and neatly put it away.

And yes, if "we" means the clients - then yes, there are clients who are concerned with professional appearance, because like it or not, they correlate it to knowledge and ability. If I wanted to train half a dozen brutes in my garage, I wouldn't care. Personally, I'd like to reach more people than that.

I have used tires and sandbags with alot of the athletes I have trained, I also use agility ladders and hurdles and a bunch of other "professional" equipment. And no you dont have to have an education or credentials to have some knowledge on strength & conditioning, but if you work in the field with any legitimate company, college, or organization you do have to have credentials, reading information on various websites, reading books, and watching videos, is a great thing, but doesnt get you a job in the field.

My ladder is made with flouro yellow and orange rulers alternating. Duct tape is 2 inches wide, flouro orange and doubled over at the edge. Lay it down and no client would balk.

Nonetheless, I'd like to make 2 points:

1. I thought we were talking about a "personal use" type ladder.

2. I wouldn't take a client who cared that much about where my agility ladder came from.