Agree/disagree (quesadillas)

Agree/disagree.  Quesadillas are for women and children.  Please discuss


If made right they can be delicious...

Plus they're easy to whip up for an easy dinner...

Disagree. I don't eat em often but sometimes at work all I have is a couple minutes to grab food and nothing is faster, easier.

Disagree. Strong disagree. 

Disagree. Grilled onion and bacon quesadillas are my jam. 

I dip mine in ketchup

Sandy Pantz - I dip mine in ketchup

The burrito is far superior, if we're wrapping our food in a tortilla. That said, a barbacoa quesadilla from Café Rio with guacamole and sour cream to dip it in might be my death-row meal. Lord knows my health can't take it unless I'm planning to die that same day.


Faggots eat them, too. 

Sandy Pantz - I dip mine in ketchup
I disagree but that's just disgusting

Quesadillas made the right way with a flour tortilla nicely cooked on a pan with Monterey Jack cheese and then drizzled with Tapatío sauce is for Gods and manly men only.


It's the Mexican's version of a grilled cheese

Fuck no!! I’ll eat the shit out of a good quesadilla.

Got a taco truck by work that has the best quesadillas I ever had.

Anyone that doesnt like quesadillas is 100% untrustworthy.

It's for women and kids.

Disagree all kinds.

You are a faggot for even asking.