Hello, I was hoping some smart person can help me out with a question that is really bugging me. My wife just recently checked our credit and noticed a disparity between our respective scores.
This wouldn't be strange except that we have been together since we were 14 years old and have literally the same credit bearing accounts. She has always been primary, and I have always been secondary and we have never made a late payment.

Shouldn't they be the same? It's only 22 points but with credit being a pass/fail often 22 points could make a difference.

lol... my credit is the pits compared to yours but I think I can still help with your question. After doing a lot of research online, I've read that upwards of 80% of everyone has at least a few mistakes on their credit report. All you have to do is get a copy from the big 3 credit agencies and find the mistake, point it out to them, and get it fixed.

What are your scores? I'm buying a home and all of my scores were fine, but there was a 30 point swing between the 3 agencies. My wife had a 70 point swing which we have to research because it just isn't making sense.

I was a 720 and she had a 698, I don't know who the query was run through.

I wish I had access to that magic secret formula.. the only differences between us are:
A. She's a girl and I'm a boy
B. She's old (22) I'm still young and virile (21)
C. I have never been a primary on any account.

Damn the evil credit gnomes. I can hear their insidious laughter from here.

You should be fine, even though you could request free copies of your credit reports from the agencies to see if there are any differences. With those scores you shouldn't have a problem qualifying for the best rates available.

Credit scores can be weird. Do you by chance have a higher income? That will make a difference also.

Nope sure don't she makes a little more than I do. I guess the credit difference is not a concern if we will still be okay.