AIDS Skrillex sighting!!!! (Pic)

He's a fucking white male!!!! 






Lvillian -


Im wondering the same thing. I know who Skrillex is, but not Aids Skrillex

AIDS Skrillex!! OP, did you take that picture?!

Was he fucking a white male?!

You should have purchased all white sheets and told him you were going to "a rally" then filmed his reaction.

Weakness is strength.

Ignorance is knowledge.

Submission is dominance.

Inversion of societal values is Satanic.

Lvillian -


Notorious unhinged SJW who's core argument is attacking someone for being a FUCKING WHITE MALE (He is also a white male).


Original vid was from InfoWars, who changed the title of the vid to the nicknames the internet gave them LOL:

Shortened Version:


The guy is in a shitty garage band


This vid also shows that for global and esp. American standards, the kid grew up in white suburbia in a loving home. And yet, he embraces communism and socialism while ranting against capitalist societies like the US.


That's at Lucky's Market in St. Louis, MO.

Has Skrillex held to his promise to never do a show in any state that Trump won?