Aim of Adoration

From The Spirit´s Book.

649. In what does adoration consist?

"In the elevation of the thought towards God. Through adoration the soul draws nearer to Him."

650. Is adoration the result of an innate sentiment, or the product of exterior teaching?

"Of an innate sentiment, like the belief in the Divinity. The consciousness of his weakness leads man to bow before the Being who can protect him."

651. Are there peoples entirely without the sentiment of adoration?

"No; for there never was a people of atheists. All feel that there is, above them, a supreme Being."

652. May adoration be regarded as having its source in natural law?

"It is included in natural law, since it is the result of a sentiment innate in man; for which reason it is found among all peoples, though under different forms."

External Acts of Adoration

653. Are external manifestations essential to adoration?

"True adoration is in the heart. In all your actions remember that the Master's eyes is always upon you."

-Are external acts of worship useful?

"Yes, if they are not a vain pretence. It is always useful to set a good example; but those who perform acts of worship merely from affectation and for the sake of appearances, and whose conduct belies their seeming piety, set a bad example rather than a good one, and do more harm than they imagine."

654. Does God accord a preference to those who worship Him according to any particular mode?

"God prefers those who worship Him from the heart, with sincerity, and by doing what is good and avoiding what is evil, to those who fancy they honour Him by ceremonies which do not render them any better than their neighbours.

"All men are brothers, and children of God; He calls to Him all who follow His laws, whatever may be the form under which they show their obedience.

"He who has. only the externals of piety is a hypocrite; he whose worship is only a pretence, and in contradiction with his conduct, sets a bad example.

"He who professes to worship Christ, and who is proud, envious, and jealous, who is hard and unforgiving to others, or ambitious of the goods of earth, is religious with the lips only, and not with the heart. God, who sees all things, will say to him, 'He who knows the truth, and does not follow it, is a hundredfold more guilty in the evil he does than the ignorant savage, and will he treated accordingly in the day of retribution.' If a blind man runs against you as he goes by, you excuse him; but if the same thing is done by a man who sees, you complain, and with reason.

"Do not ask, then, if any form of worship be more acceptable than another; for it is as though you asked whether it is more pleasing to God to be worshipped in one tongue rather than in another. Remember that the hymns addressed to Him can reach Him only through the door of the heart."

655. Is it wrong to practise the external rites of a religion in which we do not heartily believe, when this is done out of respect for those with whom we are connected, and in order not to scandalise those who think differently from us?

"In such a case, as in many others, it is the intention that decides the quality of the act. He whose only aim, in so doing, is to show respect for the belief of others, does no wrong; he does better than the man who turns them into ridicule, for the latter sins against charity. But he who goes through with such practices simply from interested motives, or from ambition, is contemptible in the sight of God and of men. God could not take pleasure in those who only pretend to humiliate themselves before Him, in order to attract the approbation of their fellow-men."

656. Is worship performed in common preferable to individual worship?

"When those who sympathise in thought and feeling are assembled together, they have more power to attract good spirits to them. It is the same when they are assembled for worshipping God. But you must not therefore conclude that private worship is less acceptable; for each man can worship God in his own thought."

Bludhall, I don´t believe that God has necessity of cheer leaders.

Without the 'cheer leaders' who would know of God?

Would the soul not yearn to reach its source?

and of course, RA RA RA! G-d is Great! He can Stimulate!