Air Force Bases near BJJ schools

Are there any Air Force Bases that have a BJJ black belt or any BJJ schools near them?

Lloyd Irvin's is about 5 minutes around the corner from Andrews AFB in DC area.

Los Angeles Air Force Base located in El Segundo California.

Nearest school less than 2 miles away:

rAw training center

BJJ: Rickson Gracie Blackbelt Mark Eccard

Wrestling: Rico Chipparelli, Frank Trigg, Vladdy Matyushenko, Chad Z.

Muay Thai: Ed Wedding

Boxing: I dont know who teaches it but I am sure he is good.

They got a full gym in the facilities and athletic trainers on site that have trained collegiate and professional level athletes.

The other schools worth a mention withing a 15-30 minute radius with blackbelts.

ISA (Fernando Vasconcellos)

RCJ Machado (Rigan Machado, Leka Viera, Roger Machado)

Aloisa Silva (Aloiso, Patricia and Joa Silva

South Bay Jui-Jitsu (Bob Bass)

Gracie Academy (Helio, Royce, Rorion and his sons)

Caique Jui-Jitsu (Carlos Elias aka Caique)

Impact Sports (I think its Marcello Cavalanti)

There is also lots of great judo clubs, boxing gyms, and muay thai gyms as well.


Hickam on Oahu, Hawaii has many bjj black belts and other great MMA's instructors.


Major Bob

Lackland and Randolph AFB in San Antonio...not sure who is teaching down there anymore, but there was a real cool guy named Karun in that area. Also, here in the recess of all that is boring, Altus AFB, there is my school, and up at Tinker AFB in OKC you have Raphael Lovato (Machado Black Belt)

If you dont mind travelling a little further here are some other places that might take a little longer than 30 minutes because of traffic.

Gracie Barra Orange County - Tinguia

Culver City Gracie Barra - Gerson Sanghinitto

Rickson Gracie Academy - dunno how often Rickson is there but he has blackbelts there.

Los Anglees RCJ Machado - John Machado

Next Generation - Chris Brennan

Street Sports - Wander Braga

L.A. Boxing - forgot the name of the instructor but he is a know bb.

Franco De Camargo Jui-Jitsu

John De La O

10th Planet - Eddie Twister Bravo

RCJ Machado San Pedro - Paulo Guillobel

House of Champions - Frea

There is more but its won't list anymore because I am tired of typing.

Guys thanks for the information.

Eglin AFB and Hurlburt Field

University of West Florida BJJ team

Over at Offutt AFB there is something across the river in Council Bluffs, IA.

I can get more information about it, I wish I was training there, but I've been pretty beat up as of late.

Does anyone know how far Travis AFB is from Cesar Gracie's school or Ralph's school? And, isn't there any BJJ blackbelts near the base in Pheonix AZ? Thanks for the information.

Phoenix Arizona Blackbelts:

Gustavo Dantas



Arturo Ruff

Also near offutt, there is a bjj school there, the guy teaches (or used to teach) the SPs on base.

One of the instructors on base (if he is still there) teaches grappling (along with stick fighting, jkd etc) in his class.

And here on Keesler there is a submission fighting/jui jitso (their spelling) school


What about in Tacoma, Wa.? I know there are some supposely in Seattle, but fuck that traffic is too bad.

There are many good BJJ schools within 30 minutes of the Willow Grove, PA Air Force Base

I think you're thinking about that base in Nevada. And, you're not supposed to talk about it!

Pope Air Force Base: CCI that school has been featured on this site(

Anderson Air Force Base in Guam has a Gracie affiliate(can't remember which one, it's the one who's name starts with an R;) near by, and a little further away is Purebred Guam, owned by Enson. I got started at Purebred, they have a great group of guys there. Plus it's a MAC flight away from Japan, and wouldn't be hard(as a member of Purebred) to spend a couple weeks at Purebred Omiya or Grappling Unlimited in Hawaii.

Saint39, there's no such thing as MAC anymore! LOL It's AMC now! :)

potato, potato(with slightly different emphasis)

I suggest LA AFB, the most schools you can possibly find with top notch instruction.

Oh yeah Edwards Airforce Base also has Antelope Valley BJJ over there, its a Machado Af.