Air Force Bases with BJJ close by

I'm trying to decide what AF base to go to for my next duty station. I know about the one in Las Vegas or close to it. Any other bases that you guys know about?

Luke AFB is located in west phoenix. There's a few schools out there and a lot in the east valley 35-45 minute drive.

Warner Robbins, GA. We have an MMA school in Macon, about 15 minutes away with a few guys training there from the base. It's not "BJJ", so to speak, but we have a very successful school with quite a few successful fighters. Our guys know what they're doing on the ground...


Jacksonville, AR has my gym about 20 minutes away. We have a very good striking program and ofcourse BJJ/mma fighters.

Roli Delgado

Travis AFB

cesar gracie in pleasant hill ... about a 20 min drive

thank you!


McChord AFB in Wa State. We have a new ATT Olympia opening here Jan 3rd. The MMA here in the NW is some of the best.

MacDill AFB, Tampa. Wicked town to live in and a few places to choose from in the area; think TheJET could offer more if he reads this.

...did I mention the beaches?


If you want Beaches, women and a tropicl setting ALL YEAR ROUND!!! request for Andersen AFB in Yigo, GUAM
You have Purebred Guam STG (Enson affiliate), Cobra Kai/Underworld (Marc Laimon affiliate), Relson Gracie and Carlson Gracie affiliates all in driving distance ( The island is about a 45min drive from north tip to south) Guam has 3-4 NHB shows a year and multiple sub tourneys to keep your game sharp! Not to mention the pros who frequent the island for events and the fact that you can fly to Japan, Thailand or Hawaii for a reasonable price.. Did i mention the women?..

nova1, hhmm..... Guam eh?......


roli is right, good juju and the best in C 1-30 training in Arkansas.


ps doesnt sound like you can go wrong with any of the above choices

just to let you know, don't get your hopes up too much on what base you are going to get.

I'm in Omaha, NE if that tells you anything (offutt)

Fin, right now they got me down for Travis, CA around October. I'm an ER nurse and I got a chance to go any place with a hospital with an ER. Some of the bases don't have ER, just small clinics like the one in Los Angeles. So if there is an ER I have a good chance since is my first tour with the AF. (Army 12 years) But I know what your saying about the hopes. I've been begging the Army for Hawaii for 12 years.

Anyone know if there is a big medical center in Guam.

Hikam AFB in Hawaii has some JJ and MMA in Honolulu

Hikam would be great!! But they only have a small clinic with women's health or something like that.

Guam has a BIG Navy hospital..

but on the AF base there is only dental clinics..


Im visiting OFFUT right now.. i'll be here till the 30th of DEC would you like to train? I have visited here before and have trained in Council Bluffs with the Vaghi guys.. i wont be able to go out there this time but i'll be training at Frady Fitness Center when possible..

shoot me an e-mail if you would like to train


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Hey Miguel, did you go to that Maurice Smith seminar at HnS many years ago? I was going through some tape and I realized a bunch of people I know were there. *Edited - Wrong Miguel LOL


No Johnny, I haven't had the oportunity to go to Mo Smith's seminars. I'm stationed in El Paso right now and been here for 3 years.

Robins AFB has BJJ close enough. I trained in ATL when I was stationed there.

Onizuka AS, CA. San Jose.

Los Angeles AFB, CA. Nuff said.

Hanscom, AFB, MA. That's in Beantown.

Peterson AFB, FL. close enough to Orlando.

Those are some off the top that haven't been mentioned, other than Robins, of course.

Our Academy is about 1-2 minutes driving
from Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland.

You can actually walk
from AFB to our school.

Mike Fowler
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