Air Force Pilots?

Anyone here a pilot, was a pilot or know anything about it? I just got my application ready for the April 4 Selection board Active Duty AF. O and if anyone else is trying for pilot let me know how you scored on you BAT and AFOQT

Guess noone here has any interest in flying?

Yeah, well kiss it Eric Stoltz

Be prepared for an extremely hard test, from my understanding, its VERY VERY hard to become a pilot, and once you get there, there still a chance you won't pass flight school.

But what the hell, Air Power, go for it :)

Wouldn't hurt to look into the Army's Warrant Officer program. 143A I believe is helicopter pilot.

153A, my bad

Thought about that. I have done well so far on all the test like AFOQT and BAT, package is in and now its just the waiting game for word on whether or not they want me.

AFOQT Pilot - 89
BAT - 97

Got a degree in Aviation, so hopefully I can beat out all the competition.

Anyone thinking about his? I can give advice on the test and how to prepare for them.

No, only Army Aviators...we are not pilots!!!

CPT Rodriguez
UH-1 Aviator

thry the AirForce is you want the best fighter jet know to man(F-15E). I just got back from a TDY to a station in nothern washington. the pilots from my jet schooled the navy guys. it 14 of us to do the job of 160 people in the navy.

F-22, Oh yea

Everyone trains with specific missions in mind, the same could be said about NVG's put any one of them with NVG's flying NOE and forget about the rest...