Airbrushes TME

I've been getting into building models recently and am looking for an airbrush for overall painting as well as shadowing and fine details.

I was looking at this kit:

I don't need top of the line anything, but from what I've read, this should be a decent setup to start. True or not?

The only thing I question is the compressor in that kit. How good is this compressor?

What else besides paint and extra bottles will I need?

" Only thing I would have done different is get a dual action."

That was my thought. The learning curve is pretty steep, from what I've heard. But once you got it, it's worth it. Phone Post 3.0

FLIP IT - I think im using the Iwata Eclipse, im not skilled at shit but it seems to work pretty good.


Nice work dude.

A buddy at work is looking for one for the same reason.

Up. Phone Post 3.0

Mixing paint? Phone Post 3.0

Don't lie, OP.

You're looking into making wolf shirts for a traveling carnival, to be sold next to GNR headbands and butterfly knives. Phone Post 3.0

Your shirts are on the way slo ko. I ran out of those 2pac mirrors and the velvet paintings of the Aztec goddess, so I'm throwing in a headband and wolf head knife for free. Phone Post 3.0


I guess that will have to do. But, hey - keep me in mind for that Santa Maria mural on my Impala hood. Phone Post 3.0

" If so hobby lobby or michaels have plastic squeeze jars with lids you can buy."

Curse you for making me go to Hobby Lobby. But I got what I need. VU newb.