Airdyne bike for $150 ? Good deal?

hi guys, I've heard that the airdyne is one of the better pieces of cardio equipment next to the Concept 2 and versa climber. A friend of a friend of a friend is selling one for ~ $150 bucks (supposedly very good condition).

I haven't used one before and was wondering if this is a good deal (new they are around $550, so it appears so) ? I'm gonna take a look at it soon, and I was wondering what to specifically check out. Anything else I should know/ consider?


I second what Ryukyu said: if it's in good shape, that's a steal.


$88 at walmart

If it's in good shape, or even repairable cheap, thats a good deal...

be careful of cheap imitations, ie walmart, they are designed for people that buy them as a coat hanger, not someone that is going to use them. they will not last long if used hard....

leemar is correct. Plus, a real Schwinn Airdyne will be super reliable, and parts will always be available. Worth the extra money, imo.